Troy a rare joy in sports

Dec 12, 2006 4:21 AM

With Christmas just two weeks away, it was just awesome to watch Troy Smith talk as he received the Heisman Trophy this past Saturday.

What a humble person and what a class act Mr. Troy Smith brings to the game of football as the best player in the country. What he had to say and all the accolades he bestowed on his family, friends and team members just brought hope to my sometimes low spirit.

I continually watch some sports stars, movie stars, politicians and many other people in high places act like a total debauchery and in total disgust. Life is all about hope, weather it’s children going to bed on Christmas Eve with hope in their hearts that jolly ole’ Saint Nick will leave them what they have been hoping for.

Hope as in young men and woman going off to college in search of their future. Hope as in our service men and women arriving home safely. Troy Smith can give us all hope, showing it’s not as gloomy out there as it sometimes may appear. Win or lose in the upcoming BCS Championship game, Smith will be humble and go on to be a big success in life. Yes, he’s a great roll model for all of us.

I find myself wondering if the College Bowl season will ever get underway. It seems a long time since the season ended and no Bowl games in site. We could be in March Madness before we get all the College Bowls underway.

Talking about hope, let’s move on to the NFL where the San Diego Chargers look to have a lot of hope of winning the Super Bowl. I am not a Chargers fan, but I am a big booster of LT. Tomlinson is one of the few class acts in the NFL. I just love after he scores a TD how he just hands the ball to the ref and goes about his business. Tomilinson would be a perfect fit for the Steelers and just would look great in black and gold.

Speaking about more hope, I wish for plenty of losers in my NFL selections. Time to send these teams down.


Thursday, Dec. 14

(Remember bet the opposite)

49ers +10 at Seahawks: San Fran only lost 20-14 in first meeting, which was bet down from Seahawks -6 to -3½. 49ers could not beat the Pack last week. SEAHAWKS.

Saturday, Dec. 16

Cowboys -3 at Falcons: Cowboys reeling after being humiliated by the Saints as they just marched up and down Texas Stadium like a marching band. FALCONS.

Sunday, Dec. 17

Jets +3 at Vikings: Minnesota has played the Jets twice all-time and lost on both occasions. VIKINGS.

Browns +11½ at Ravens: Baltimore just keeps on winning, yet stays under the Super Bowl radar. In first meeting they were life and death to beat Cleveland 15-14 as a 6 ½ point favorite. RAVENS (best bet).

Texans +11 at Pats: Just too many points to ignore. TEXANS.

Dolphins +2 at Bills: Who is this Buffalo team? The Bills play hard every week and somehow unleash a big play. In first meeting, the Bills won 16-6 at Miami as a 7 point dog. Dolphins playing much better and can play big time defense. Can there be revenge in the air here? DOLPHINS.

Steelers -2½ at Panthers: Carolina is 0-3 ATS in three previous meetings. PANTHERS.

Redskins +9 at Saints: New Orleans just crushed the Cowboys. SAINTS.

Jags -3½ at Titans: No miracle here. JAGUARS.

Bucs +13 at Bears: The question is, can Chicago score two TDs? Money line play. BUCS.

Eagles +5½ at Giants: Jeff Garcia has the hot hand. EAGLES.

Lions +5 ½ at Packers: Green Bay beat the Lions in Detroit as a 7-point dog, 31-24. LIONS.

Broncos -1 at Cards: If you had been betting against Denver all year you would be 10-3 and have a lot of extra Christmas cash. CARDS.

Chiefs +9 at Chargers: In first meeting the Chargers were a 5-point favorite at KC and lost 30-27. CHIEFS.

Rams +1 at Raiders: In sold out Oakland I really don’t think either team can win. TIE.

Monday, Dec. 18

Bengals +3 at Colts: If you can run, Colts can be beat. They have no run defense. BENGALS.