Nevada’s gaming win tops $9B

Feb 13, 2001 7:43 AM

Gaming revenues grew to more than $9.6 billion in Nevada last year, up 6.4%, according to Frank Streshley, head of the Gaming Control Board’s Tax & License Division.

Again playing a major role were the state’s slot machines. They recorded 64.5% of the total gaming win, $3.4 billion. Helping to boost that number was a 32.3% increase in nickel slot machine revenues.

With the introduction of the nickel multi-play machines, both innovative reel games and multi-hand poker machines, the nickel machines continue to take in a bigger portion of all slot machine revenue. Last year, they accounted for 24.1% of total slot play. This compares to 12.2% of total slot play. This compares to 12.2% of total slot win in 1990.

Nevada’s table game revenues were up 5.4%, generating a win of $3.4 billion – $2.9 billion of that from the Clark County properties. Las Vegas Strip casinos recorded $2.4 billion of that, up 6.2%.

Lagging behind the other properties in the state were downtown Las Vegas casinos, up 1.0% overall but showing a 2.7 % decline in table game win.

Baccarat, which attracts some of the biggest gamblers in the world, showed a decline of 2.3% last year, after increasing 22% a year earlier. Baccarat win accounted for 15.9% of total game and table win, down from 17.1% last year. Blackjack win increased 3.1% last year. Roulette grew by 3.5%. Showing a big jump was action at the craps tables, where revenue increased 8.0%, generating 14.4% of the total game and table win.

Win from race books pari-mutuel wagering increased 2.8% last year, far better than the previous year’s 18.5% decrease. That slump was believed caused by state efforts to eliminate rebates offered by some race books.