Nevada win tops $1 billion

Dec 12, 2006 6:29 AM

Nevada casinos in October got back on track as revenues eclipsed $1.06 billion, a slight .4 percent increase over revenues reported a year ago.

October’s gross win — the amount gamblers left behind — was the sixth time this year revenue exceeded $1 billion. Revenue in September was $984 million.

Heavy slot machine play saved the bottom line for most casino venues. Slots generated $734 million in October, a solid 7.2 percent more than in October 2005.

Table games reported a gross win of $307.5 million, a 13 percent decrease from the same month last year.

Sports books, despite heavy football action, reported a 23 percent decline to $33.9 million in gross win.

In the second month of the season, football generated $20.3 for the books, a 33 percent slide from the $30.3 million won last year.

Race books continued its slide as pari-mutuel win dipped 14.7 percent to $7.5 million.

Nevada’s poker rooms raked in $12.5 million, about 3 percent more than they won a year ago. The increase was the smallest net gain in the past three years.

On a per table basis, players generated about $13,650 a table in October, whereas they generated a whopping $15,500 a year earlier.

As noted table games posted lackluster results. Among the underachievers were roulette (down 10.6%), baccarat (down 54%), mini-baccarat (down 62%), keno (down 17%) and bingo — the only game in Nevada that actually lost money, about $980,000 in October.

Table game winners were blackjack (up 19%), craps (up 4.2%) and Pai Gow (up 25%).

The most popular slots were penny and multi-denominational slots, which enjoyed increases of 35% and 18%, respectively.