My favorite (winning!) keno tickets, part 1

Feb 26, 2001 7:36 AM

For the next few weeks, I’d like to review some of my favorite keno tickets I’ve played over the years. Many of you will find them interesting enough to play yourselves. Some I call "fun tickets." I play them merely for their entertainment value. Others are more serious tickets I play when I want to try to make a little score. This week’s ticket falls into the "fun ticket" category.

This amusing little ticket is kind of a stubby version of the popular 1-way-8 and 4-way-2 ticket, though this one is a 1-way-5 and 4-2s (illustrated right.) To mark this ticket, simply pick out five likely numbers, and circle one group of two and three kings (1-spot groups.) If you play the 5-spot for a buck and the deuces for 50 cents, you’ll have a fun little $3 ticket.

You all know by now that I’m a big fan of 5-spots. When I play this ticket with the deuces, I usually try to play a special rate 5-spot that pays around $1,000 for a solid five. After all, the small winners are provided by the deuces on the ticket.

One advantage of playing the deuces is that 5-spot tickets are by nature low frequency winners, and playing the deuces will at least double your winning frequency. These small winners produce entertainment value, though to play a serious 5-spot way ticket, I’d probably play a 3-way or 6-way five for the same total price.


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