Some guard!

Dec 19, 2006 2:48 AM

Did the Cincinnati Bengals make a deal for Tank Johnson? I think his three arrests in the last 18 months would easily qualify Tank for a spot on Marvin Lewis’ roster.

The Bears’ defensive tackle had a bodyguard living at his home and six unregistered firearms inside his residence prior to his arrest last week. One of my first thoughts was, what does a 6-foot 3-inch, 300 pound NFL player need a bodyguard for anyway?

However, tragically, it appears there was a good reason for needing protection. Tank no longer has the same friend and bodyguard because he was shot and killed over the weekend. Lovie Smith better lay down some tough team rules or Da Bears rap sheet will be long enough that they need what the Bengals have already — a traveling bail-bondsman!

Let’s see if Denny The Dog can keep the dogs out of jail for weekend as we look to Week 16.


Vikings + 3 at Packers: Vikes didn’t handle the Packers well in Minnesota earlier in the season. The Jets made them look sick last Sunday at home. You certainly can’t expect any more out of them on the road. PACKERS.


Chiefs -4 at Raiders: As bad as the Raiders offense has been all season long, Oakland has played very solid defense. Raiders gave Chiefs all they could handle in Kansas City, even though they lost by 4. Chiefs will struggle to move the ball in Oakland. RAIDERS.


Titans +4 at Bills: I’m taking one of the big surprise teams of the year plus the points. Both clubs over the last five or six weeks have put together a great run. I’m hoping the emotions and hard-hitting in the Miami game took a toll on Buffalo. TITANS.

Saints +3 at Giants: The Saints play awfully tough on the road. I think they had some sense knocked into them by the Skins. They no longer need to feel giddy about their big divisional lead and huge upset of Dallas. Giants won’t be ready for yet another consecutive highly emotional game. SAINTS.

Panthers +6 at Falcons: Plenty of drama surrounding Jim Mora and his underachieving Falcons team. He better win this game or he might be granted his wish of coaching college football as early as next season. I will take the birds in a matchup featuring two teams that look like they’ve packed their bags for the off-season already. FALCONS.

Skins +3 at Rams: I don’t share Scott Linehan’s optimistic opinion on the Rams’ chances of making the playoffs. I do think we’ll receive maximum effort here in the last St. Louis home game of the season. RAMS.

Colts -9 at Texans: If passing on Bush in the draft wasn’t enough, Vince Young’s overtime romp and Patriots ambush might push Texans to the verge of waving the white flag. Colts haven’t looked like a great playoff team in several weeks. They need to treat this game very seriously. I’m betting they will take a no-nonsense approach here. COLTS.

Ravens +3 at Steelers: Everyone thought that Cowher’s bunch had packed up their gear for the year. Don’t look now but they’re on a three-game roll right now. Pittsburgh owes the Ravens a huge return favor here after being shut out 27-zip a month ago in Baltimore. STEELERS.

Bucs +3 at Browns: Neither team can get out of their own way. Browns plagued with numerous injuries, came out slugging early in Baltimore last week. Cleveland should have enough pride to knock out a W in its last home game. Crennel may be fighting to keep his job. BROWNS.

Bears -7½ at Lions: Bears have not looked their best on the road lately. If not for the returns of Hester, Chicago would not have covered the Monday night game at St. Louis. And, it took overtime to defeat the lowly Bucs last Sunday. Lions desperately need a win at home. This is the final chance. LIONS.

Patriots +3 at Jaguars: When the Jags have needed a big home victory this season they’ve come up winners. I think they will find a way here, just like they did against the Giants and Colts. Pats did not look sharp at all on the road in Miami. JAGS

Cards +4 at 49ers: Last two games away from home, the Cards have played solid. Matt Leinart is quietly putting together a very respectable rookie season. CARDS.

Bengals -2 at Broncos: I’ll side with Carson Palmer versus the rookie Cutler any day of the week. BENGALS.

Chargers -6½ at Seahawks: Seattle has to start playing better or forget about advancing any further than the first round of the playoffs. SEAHAWKS


Eagles +6½ at Cowboys: Now that Dallas has rebounded from the Saints massacre, I believe Tony Romo will be tossing Cowboys fans a very, merry Christmas present. Cowboys rushing attack, with Barber leading the charge, is starting to scare some teams. COWBOYS.

Jets +1 at Dolphins: The Jets have played fairly tough on the road. However, a second consecutive game away from the friendly confines of home favors the Fish. Plus, it’s Miami’s last home contest. DOLPHINS.