Dexter throwing his weight
in promoting Luxor

Dec 19, 2006 2:52 AM

The Luxor came up with a novel approach in attracting customers to the casino resort — placing a champion power-lifter in charge of hotel marketing.

"I love the casino business and seeing people happy," said Cory Dexter, whose shaved head and goatee can be as intimidating as his bullish 5-foot-8, 235-pound build. "Actually, I’m down to 220 now and quite humble."

Thank goodness for all of us.

"I would like to shake things up a little at Luxor," said Dexter, who at age 33 is a self-made man having first come to Vegas eight years ago without a job. "There is always something going here and every day I learn more about customers, laws and the casino business itself. I love it."

Dexter has been able to balance his life between his official title as Luxor’s direct marketing manager with that of athlete. He is training for the Arnold Classic to be held Mar. 2-4 in Columbus, Ohio as part of the American Powerlifting Federation circuit.

"Arnold (Schwarzenegger) was one of my idols when I was growing up," he said. "I remember watching him and Lou Ferrigno work out when I was 5 and I knew that was what I wanted to do. I was in The Pit in Venice Beach in 2001 and Arnold has seen me bench. I also had the pleasure of meeting Sylvester Stallone. I’m the same height as Rocky."

Dexter dabbles in a number of activities, including sumo wrestling, body building, and powerlifting. He also has plans to qualify for the United States Olympic team if he can find an event that is part of next Summer Olympics docket.

"I’ve competed in 24 meets and won 19," Dexter said. "I’ve never finished below fourth, so I think I could compete with the best in the country when I go to Columbus."

Times are good now for Dexter, but it wasn’t always that way. Eight years ago, he came to Vegas lifting nothing but a parchment that said undergraduate degree in marketing at Michigan State.

"I saw Las Vegas and the casino industry as my business opportunity," Dexter said. "I was just striving to be the best and that attitude got me hired."

Dexter first began at MGM, then moved on to the MGM-Mirage corporate headquarters off Industrial Rd. and later to New York-New York. He left in 2005 for Luxor and has quickly moved up the ladder to his present position.

"I work with Gene Kilroy (Luxor’s director of player development) and Jean George (senior vice president of national marketing) to get the word out about this great resort," he said. "It’s true that we’ve taken the quiet approach to marketing in the past, but I think that will change. At least, I would like to be a part in making Luxor one of the top vacation spots on The Strip."