Gilbert in ‘this’ Arena

Dec 19, 2006 6:11 AM

It’s time Washington’s Gilbert Arenas is included in discussions regarding the NBA’s best players.

Not often is Kobe Bryant and his 45 upstaged, but there was Arenas smashing the 60 barrier. He’s a scoring machine that draws a ton of fouls. If the Wizards can just play a little defense, they can go a long way in the East. Heck, in the "Least" they just need to show up and stay healthy!

Lest we not get carried away in all the NBA spin, the fight in New York was exciting. Better than most boxing matches seen today. Sure, Commish Stern will come out with the outrage, just like he did with the Artest nightmare at Detroit. Hey, if the show fits... The NBA reaches out for that bad boy element and they are getting it.

The problem lies more in bad marketing than poor behavior. We’re not advocating violence, just saying the NBA deep down probably likes the pub. And, that’s sad.

Speaking of bad, time to turn things around in the picks.


Golden St at Boston: The Warriors are awful on the road. Boston is in the midst of a five-game win streak. If you like defense, watch the San Antonio Spurs. OVER.

Indiana at Philadelphia: The Sixers play hard but like a chicken with its head cut off. The Pacers hang in a lot of games. Hopefully the line will be kind. PACERS.


Washington at Sacramento: Arenas & Co. have had two days off to relax and focus on the Kings. Maybe they will be wearing those gold uniforms. They’re growing on me. WIZARDS.


Utah at Charlotte: Okefur is playing like a monster for the Bobcats, but nobody else has been that consistent. Morrison having those rookie ups and downs. Utah just solid all over. JAZZ.


LA Clippers at Houston: Yao is playing sensational basketball, finally. Even with McGrady out for Houston with the back spasms, the Clips have their own problems. ROCKETS.

Utah at Memphis: Second of back-to-back for Jazz. Gasol is back for Memphis. The Grizz need a victory real bad. GRIZZLIES.