Are we back
to the Aints?

Dec 19, 2006 6:55 AM

I can kick myself for failing to press the letdown the Saints figured to have after beating the Cowboys.

Stupid me.

So much for the Katrina factor. New Orleans becomes the latest flavor of the week to pull a rock the following game. And, how about the Bears at home allowing 31 to Tampa and being pushed to OT!

This week’s "flave" should be Tennessee or Buffalo, if not for the fact both upstarts are 7-7 and play each other.

The Bills pitched a shutout at home against the Dolphins. And Vince Young improved to 6-1 as a starter after leading the Titans to a fifth straight win. Yes it was the Jaguars, who we predicted would come into Nashville flatter than a George Jones haircut. The Jags generally do after whipping an elite team. Right, Peyton?

For Jaguars fans, this was really a groin shot. Tennessee wins the game 24-17 with all three TDs coming from the defense. It’s the Vince Young factor. Keep saying this kid can’t play QB. We’ll just count our money at the end of the year. Guaranteed we’re making a bundle off Tennessee and stellar head coach Jeff Fisher.

And, don’t count out Pittsburgh from the playoffs. The Steelers made mince meat out of Carolina, which has been fragile all year and terribly overrated.


Vikings +3 at Packers: Favre and the Pack place the dagger in the Vikings, which blew any playoff chance last week. PACKERS.


Titans at Bills (36½): Edge goes to the Buffalo weather. If the Bills take care of the football, this should be another defensive struggle. A fun match for dog lovers. UNDER.

Saints +3 at Giants: This could be for the No. 2 seed in the NFC. Which Saints team shows up? For that matter, which Giants team do they see? Throw stats away. We need psychiatric data. SAINTS.

Bucs +3 at Browns: Tim Rattay gave Tampa Bay a passing attack. The Browns finally play a team on their level. Tampa Bay caught unexpected excellent weather in Chicago. Cleveland weather figures to be frigid. BROWNS.

Ravens +3 at Steelers: Baltimore will come to Pittsburgh cocky and leave wounded. Willie Parker has found the rushing groove and the Steelers have not given up the fight for a playoff berth. The defense and Big Ben are on a high. STEELERS.


Jets +2½ at Dolphins: There will be more Jets fans in Dolphins Stadium than Miami supporters. In Chad we trust again. Add Dolphins to our psychiatric bill. J-E-T-S.