Paris is great, but
Las Vegas is home!

Dec 24, 2006 11:57 PM

Carol it’s always nice to be home, even though I know that you and the girls had a wonderful time in Paris, shopping in all the fancy shops and playing poker with the European folks.

I was lucky enough to win some extra Euros playing no limit poker at the Aviation Club on the Champs Elysee in Paris to supply you and the girls with some extra Euros to cut down the exchange rate. The rate was down to about $1.30 USA dollars for one of the European common market Euro.

Paris was all decked out in its Christmas lights, and it was easy to see why it is sometimes call the City of Lights.

The rain on the streets with the reflected lights made Paris resplendent, shining brilliantly and commanded my daughter Sheri (from Oklahoma — who came with us to Paris) and my attention and admiration as we made our way to Eiffel Tower.

Yes, the French soldiers were there with their rifles at the ready guarding the tower from the threat of extremists.

We took the clog elevator up a nearly 60 degree angle to the first landing, then transferred to the vertical elevator to the top of the tower, and from the observation room traveled in a 360 degree circle and studied the location of many of the landmarks of Paris.

Those included Notre Dame Cathedral, The Sorbonne, The Palace at Versailles, The Louvre, while the river Seine makes its way in a circle around the heart of Paris. On one of its many islands was the Paris Statue of Liberty just like the one that France gave us years ago, which stands at the gateway to America in New York.

Carol, do not worry that you did not win too much from that rich Frenchman when you were playing no limit Hold’em poker. Bruno, the poker guru of the Aviation Club, has already invited us to come back next year. I am sure that you smiled sweetly as you stacked his chips in front of you and yes, it was correct for you to get sleepy and say goodnight and take the Euros home to our hotel.

I know that you will smile once again when I tell you that I can trade each of those Euros back into dollars at the rate of $130 dollars for each $100 Euros.

The folks know that I never brag about our daughter "Oklahoma Sarah," so I will just tell them that we have a future world champion on our hands, and that she almost won the championship of the European Ladies Poker world.

She had the best hand when her money went in, but the poker gods said not just yet and she finished in third place.

OK Sarah will next be hosting the LACE (a women’s only tournament on Jan. 17 at the Horseshoe in Tunica.

Of course, I did host "The European Seniors" World Championship of Poker Event on Dec. 13. We had 55 players and a prize pool of $25,300. Here’s the top finishers:

1. Sigi Stockinger (AUSTRIA)

2. Georges Grandclerc (FRA)

3. Donat Bernard (FRA)

4. Michel Palmieri (FRA)

5. Gilbert Attlan (FRA)

6. Nasrodin Pirmamod (FRA)

7. Patrick Hayoun (FRA)

8. Emile Elias (FRA)

9. Michel Akrich (FRA)

A deal was made by the last four players to chop the pot.

OK-J Poker tip of the Week

When you play poker, keep this in mind: Be happy when you play or do not play.

A few years from now you may not remember whether you won or lost but the folks will remember how you played.

Happy Holidays from OK-J & Carol & OK Sarah Hale.

Until next time remember stay lucky.