Tactics for ‘romping’
for the money

Dec 25, 2006 12:28 AM

A new year will soon be starting (for me, after the Super Bowl) and I’ll be getting back to playing video poker for profit for my eleventh year. I’ll be playing a lot of Romp-Thru-Town (RTT) and Advanced Romp-Thru-Town (ARTT — will be detailed in a subsequent article) strategies on my once-a-month journeys (beginning in late February) to Laughlin, Las Vegas, Reno and/or Lake Tahoe in 2007.

RTT involves choosing the lowest denomination you’d like and progressing at strategic points up through both the highest denomination and game volatility willing to be played. Mini-session cash out goals are pre-set, and overall pre-determined win goals are also set. Bankroll is always 3x the number of credits to be played at your highest denomination.

So if that number is $5 for instance and you set your strategy to play 100 credits at Bonus Poker (BP) and 200 at Double Bonus Poker, the bankroll required is $4,500 for that overall session.

How are win goals determined? That’s a function of the denominations chosen to be played — especially the lowest one. You want to play starting at nickels? Then don’t go for any mini-session goals above $2. Quarters or 50¡? That’s $5. Starting at dollars changes the goal to $10, and I don’t recommend ever starting at levels above that.

Before we discuss overall session goals, let’s look at an effective RTT strategy that’s worked very well for me. Starting at quarters and with a mini-session goal of just $5, play 100 credits on BP. If the goal is attained then you may start again — over and over as many times as you’re comfortable with. If you lose the $100 credits without reaching the $5 win goal, play 200 credits of any of the Advanced Bonus Poker Games (ABPG) that pay at least 250 credits for every four-of-a-kind.

There are no cash outs until and if you get at least $5 ahead. If you fail at 25¡ go to dollars and do it all again — always looking to only be at least $5 ahead overall. If you fail at the $1 level go to the $5 level for the same type play and looking for the exact same results.

Setting and sticking to overall session win goals is where the men are separated from the boys. I cannot stress enough how important it is to always do what you said you were going to do when it comes to this part of the strategy, regardless of how much you’re currently taken in with all the casino action and/or how much you’ve won or lost.

Remember, not sticking with your goals is exactly what the casino wants to see from every player who shows up. You want their money and they want yours. Are you going to play the way you want or the way they want?

Overall win goals are always relative. When I play as identified above through the $5 level, I usually go for a $300 win goal. You never know how many mini-sessions need to be played, and many times wins into the thousands occurs. You can kind of base your own session goals on that. Just remember to stay away from greed.

For 2007, I’m going to start out by playing yet another variation of this strategy. I’ve been going over it at home for months and it’s been successful on the computer. Once I get into the casinos where I’m able to detect machine cycles as well as locate the best advanced BP game — Super Double Bonus — it should be all the more worthy.

It involves starting at dollars with a $10 mini-cash out goal and an overall $500 session goal, and playing 50 credits on BP, 50 credits on an advanced BP game; then 50 credits on $2 BP and 100 credits on the advanced game; 100 credits on $5 BP and 100 on the advanced game; and finally 100 on $10 BP and 200 on the advanced game. Anytime I’m at least $10 ahead I start over with profit taken. My bankroll will be $9,000.

I can hear the nay Sayers already, that’s it’s a crazy way to play and asking if $500 is really worth it. However, it’s easy to see that the $500 minimum win goal can be easily surpassed by a huge amount at the levels I’m playing, and I already know from my other strategies that the big wins always greatly overcome the larger losses experienced along the way.

I take a 3x bankroll because it at times takes three shots at it to realize the big wins. They almost always come, and this strategy makes you ready for every time they do.