This is a winner!

Dec 25, 2006 12:54 AM

GamingToday doesn’t usually endorse products, but this one was too good to pass up.

After all, there’s no shortage of publications quick to name this slot machine or that poker table or those computer chips as the next big breakthrough in commercial gaming.

But, keep in mind, every one of those breakthroughs is designed to make the casino or manufacturer or someone other than the player any money.

It’s more likely they’re designed to help relieve the player of his bankroll.

That’s why we thought the "Bettor Safe" was unique among products.

It’s really quite simple: It’s a lock box that you can stuff bills, chips or EZ Pay tickets into so that you don’t put them back into the machines after you’ve won.

That’s it. Basically, it’s a small, tin piece of will power that you might not normally enjoy.

The inventor, Steve Bisyak, of Cords Unlimited Inc., had the idea to make a portable safe that you can put your money in, be it winnings, paycheck or money in general and not have access to it in a casino.

It has a slot in the side to put bills or tickets and a slot in the end to put casino chips. It is sealed on one end and locking on the other.

There’s also a string or chain so that it can be tied to the persons belt, purse or simply draped around the neck.

Of course, the key that unlocks the device is kept at home, or away from the user, just in case temptation becomes too unbearable.

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