Harley-Davidson Cafe

Feb 26, 2001 7:52 AM

Talk about "hog heaven" for Harley fans.This is it! Besides solid American favorites in the dining room, the Harley Davidson Café (740-4555) at Harmon and the Strip features the largest collection of Harley-Davidson memorabilia in the more than 90-year history of the company. When you’re done feasting on pasta, chicken, barbecue, salads, sandwiches and more, there’s a shop for signature Harley merchandise – t-shirts, caps, lighters, leather, boots, and virtually anything else that you can fix a logo onto!

Kevin Wu’s Royal Star

This gourmet Asian restaurant at The Venetian (414-1888) speaks serene elegance with its shimmering slate floors, wood accents, silver-leaf ceiling and Chinese artifacts. Open for lunch and dinner, specialties include fresh seafood, creative meat, poultry and vegetarian dishes and a separate and complete dim sum sitting, prepared from its own kitchen. Many of the dishes prepared by master chef Chiu Kee Yung trace their origins to various regions in China. They range from the familiar (lettuce cups) to the exotic (giant scallops). A specialty of the house is fresh seafood, with entrees including crab, lobster, fish, prawns, shrimp and geoduck, all selected from a live fish tank. There is also a full wine list with European and American selections, plus Asian wines, sake and authentic tea services. Watch for cooking and food shows that often feature visiting and touring chefs.