Knicks good? Nah

Dec 25, 2006 5:50 AM

In a bit of bizarre theater, it seemed the Knicks were coming together as a team after the brawl with Denver.

The Knicks had actually won three in a row, until reality set in and they lost in a blowout. Still, at 12-18, Isiah’s team was just one game out of the lead in the NBA Atlantic Division late last week.

That’s brutal. At least there is Phoenix and Washington to enjoy watching on a regular basis. A team below the radar to keep an eye on is Milwaukee, winners of four straight and just one-game below .500. In the East, that’s stellar.

We’re trying to cleanup this horrible beginning to the NBA picks, but the Blizzard in Denver slowed our progress. Here’s hoping for better weather and results. Happy New Year to all.


Pistons at Knicks: Detroit has been a huge lift from James Maxiel at power forward/center. Knicks are in for a rough night. PISTONS.

Sixers at Kings: Philly has actually been playing better without Iverson. Sacramento has its own problems, with no new arena in the future and a team with no identity. SIXERS.


Suns at Mavs: Put on your seat belt, you’re in for the ride of your life. This promises to be a battle royal. Dallas is playing better defense, but Phoenix is running at full octane. Amare is back! SUNS.


Knicks at Suns: Back-to-back for the Suns, who can’t be expected to take NY seriously. Knicks will get a ton of points. KNICKS.


Wizards at Bucks: Gilbert Arenas vs Michael Redd. That’s nearly 100 points between them. Only one way to go. OVER.