Crime pays in Cincy

Dec 25, 2006 7:02 AM

How many NFL players will be arrested in 2007? What would that totals number be? Right now the number for 2006 is sitting on 35.

Now there’s a number for some creative bookmaker to hang up on their sports book board next season!

I’ve had plenty of fun pointing out the criminal behavior of the Cincinnati Bengals. They’re an easy mark since eight members of their team have been read their rights in the last year. But please don’t think I’m singling out one team. I jabbed Da Bears last week when I mentioned the exploits of Tank Johnson’s guns and his bodyguard.

The Bengals and Tank have stolen the spotlight and headlines recently. The San Diego Chargers may be in the driver’s seat as a number one seed, but they’re running a distant second to the Bengals when it comes to misdemeanors. The Bolts have only racked up five of these crimes this season.

It would certainly be a crime not to pick a bunch of winners on the last weekend of the regular season. Let’s grab some cash to kick off the new year and the playoffs!


Giants -5 at Skins: Should be plenty of Tiki Barber end-of-his career type hype to give you a couple of bonus points. If the Barber hype doesn’t get them for you, the Strahan getting healthier news should. In three of the Skins last five games, their defense had produced three of the four lowest yards allowed totals this season. Ladell Betts gets an A for his efforts filling in for Clinton Portis. SKINS.


Bills +7 at Ravens: There’s no denying the Bills strong finish after a 2-5 start. Losman has grown up over the course of the season and Buffalo’s defense can be nasty. Bills should be in this game all the way. BILLS.

Packers +7 at Bears: Da Bears really have nothing big to play for here. Home field is secure throughout the money games. Even so, I still can’t fire away on the Pack! That’s how much I think of Green Bay’s talent level right now. BEARS.

Steelers +3 at Bengals: Cincinnati will not allow Steelers to come into their house and steal a game on the road. Bengals know how to handle a big home game as evidenced by their 13-7 win over Baltimore. If there’s any stealing to be done, the Bengals should be able to handle it based on all their criminal experience. The NFL can’t arrest them anyway, so what’s the big deal. BENGALS.

Lions +8 at Cowboys: Dallas has proven over the last eight weeks to be one of the elite NFC clubs. I’m giving points all the way with a solid money team versus a continually underachieving and imploding franchise. COWBOYS.

Browns +3 at Texans: There’s only a couple clubs more inept than these two powerhouses. I’m not sure Houston will ever recover from D-day (draft day) when Reggie Bush and Vince Young got away! BROWNS.

Dolphins +6 at Colts: Indy looks like they figured something out at home two weeks ago against the Bengals. If Peyton comes out winging it like he did then, this one will be easy. Last road game for Miami was in Buffalo and it was an absolute egg, as in a 21-0 goose variety! COLTS.

Jaguars +4 at Chiefs: The KC offense is leaking oil badly. Chiefs scored 9 against Chargers and 10 versus Baltimore. If Oakland doesn’t turn the ball over five times, the Chiefs don’t win the money last Saturday. I can’t rely on them for a big offensive performance here. Jags have only laid one egg lately on the road and that was the overtime loss to Tennessee. JAGS.

Rams +4 at Vikings: Rams last road win was a 20-zip shutout of Raiders in Oakland two weeks ago. I think Brad Johnson gives Minnesota the best shot of winning this one. I’m not sold on Tavarius Jackson and thought the Vikes effort at Green Bay was woeful. RAMS.

Panthers +7 at Saints: Like the Cowboys, New Orleans has proven not to be a team to mess with in the NFC. Panthers have shown the experts their preseason Super Bowl hype was a pipe dream. Weinke gives the Cats a dinky chance at best to cover this spread. SAINTS.

Raiders +7 at Jets: You have to go back to a year before Al Davis to see a worse Raiders’ team! Art Shell has his bags packed and the house is sold. Jets’ last home game was a dud against the Bills. Mangini should be looking to close out the season on a positive note in last home game. If you’re looking for an easy mark, the schedule makers couldn’t have made it easier. JETS.

Falcons +7 at Eagles: Since McNabb went down, the Eagles have turned the heat up. Jeff Garcia has stepped up and busted the ghosts that haunted him from disasters in Cleveland and Detroit. Brian Westbrook put the team on his shoulders. In Atlanta, the load has been too heavy for Michael Vick, and Jim Mora may end up getting crushed. EAGLES.

Seahawks -8 at Bucs: Rattay gives the Seahawks something different to defend. Bucs need a big win at home to close out a nightmarish season. May not get the win here, but should cover easy. Seattle has been no ball of fire on the road. BUCS.

Patriots -6 at Titans: In what has been an improbable end-of-season run, what’s one more upset to the mighty Titans? Why not? TITANS.

49ers +5 at Broncos: Denver never did blow away many teams at home this season, or on the road for that matter. Niners have been a thorn is many teams’ sides with the hard running of Frank Gore. 49ERS.

Cards +8 at Chargers: If I were the Chargers, I’m not sure how hard to go after this cover. Maybe win the game, but will Marty Shottenheimer want to risk injury to Tomlinson or Rivers heading into the playoffs? CARDS.