Like 50s? Dial NBA

Jan 2, 2007 3:49 AM

Through the years of watching the NBA, I just can’t recall this many 40-point scorers.

It’s like they are coming out of the woodwork. Kobe, Arenas, Iverson, Redd. Heck, even Rip Hamilton lit up the Garden for 55 against the Knicks.

As for defense, not much. The best was the individual play of Charlotte’s Ameka Okafor and his 22-point, 25-rebound, 5-block epic in a triple-OT win over the Lakers. The same game Kobe scored 58. Next highest was 14. That’s like the old post-Shaq Lakers.


Knicks at Kings: Wacky Knicks now on the Road Trip from Hell, going East to West. First Phoenix, now Sacramento. KINGS.


Bucks at Wizards: Rematch of last Saturday when Milwaukee blasted Washington at home. Payback time. WIZARDS.


Lakers at Kings: The Lakers should be well rested for this one. We are expecting a big night from Kobe. Hopefully others too. LAKERS.

Pistons at Hornets: Without Chris Paul, the Hornets are offensively challenged. Look like a M.A.S.H. unit in Okie City. PISTONS.


Clips at Wizards: Could be another 50-point night for Arenas against the feuding Clips. WIZARDS.


Pistons at Bulls: Ben Wallace finally rounding into form for Bulls. Will have special greeting for his former team. BULLS.