So long, Terry, RIP

Jan 8, 2007 2:50 AM

Last week, Terry Lovern — choreographer, ice skater, stage manager at the Stardust — passed away at the age of 61 of cancer. He was best known as a young ice skater in the "Ice Capades" and "Holiday on Ice." He was also the driving force behind the Las Vegas Civic Ballet. Of late, he was the stage manager at the Stardust and the show business community is in mourning. I remember Terry when I was doing my TV show for the Flamingo and my co-host was Aki. She was the Showgirl of the Century. He was very helpful in the production of my show. The show business community is really going to miss him.

This week in Las Vegas it has been announced by all the critics the number one show is "Phantom — The Las Vegas Spectacular" at the Venetian. As New Year’s passed, what happened to Britney Spears at PURE? Did she faint? Was she tired?

Meanwhile, her soon-to-be talentless ex-husband entered the world of WWE and defeated the reigning champion with some outside help. Too bad his new album didn’t do as well selling a mere 6,500 copies. Hooray for Hollywood!

On the other side of town, the saga of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee continues. Now, here’s the story as I got it from my spies. Kid Rock had his bodyguard break the door down of Tommy Lee’s suite, but he had the wrong suite. It seems that Kid Rock is very jealous of Tommy Lee. Have you seen the video? Oh, my!

We are wishing everybody a healthy, happy, prosperous, divine New Year and they finally did bury James Brown with the Reverend Al Sharpeton presiding. It was all very moving. Gold casket and each time they opened the coffin, he had a different outfit on. I think it was a bit much, but he was the Godfather of Soul. I remember seeing Brown at the Blue Note here years ago and it wasn’t very pretty.

Ahmet Ertegun passed, he was the co-founder of Atlantic Records. As a young performer in New York, he signed me to Atlantic and the first song was "Wig Wearing Baby." Since I was a hair dresser, I was appalled and unhappy with this idea. What did I know? Ahmet was right. He remained my friend all these years.

Caesars Palace is losing Celine Dion Dec. 15. As I have said in this column before, who will be our next diva? Me, me! No, not really. My spies tell me maybe it could be Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Cher or Bette Midler. My readers want to know.

Over at the Tropicana, also a lot of firing, quitting, downsizing. The new owners paid big dollars for the property with lots of big plans for the future.

Lindsy Lohan had an emergency appendectomy. Maybe she will be quiet for a month.

Rumor has it Justin Timberlake broke up with Cameron Diaz. He has put sexy back into the recording industry and is nominated for a Grammy. Word on the street is that he is ready for the movies. Aren’t we all?

Another hunk, Mario Lopez, is going to host the Miss America Pageant from the Aladdin that someday will become Planet Hollywood.

Two weeks ago, I announced that Michael Jackson was here buying property and looking for a womb, a room. Aren’t we all looking for a womb?

Now, rumor has it the Cirque shows are kind of slow. Just a rumor. We are all waiting for "The Producers" to open and to see who will play the show’s main characters of Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom? The newest opening date — this has been going on for more than seven months — for Steve Wyrick’s new venture is Jan. 29, but don’t hold your breath.

Lisa Donovan, a local main room performer with some of the biggest names in show business, will inaugurate a new series of cabaret/dinner shows at Josette’s Bistro on a monthly basis starting Jan. 26. Donovan, now a Vegas resident, has shared stages with Don Rickles, Rich Little and George Burns. Cabaret/dinner evenings will start at 7 p.m. Show time is 8:30 p.m. I met her when I was a headliner in 1974 in Acapulco at the Hilton.

The rumjungle will host the 2007 Adult Video Awards pre-party Jan. 12 and I will make sure I am there. Maybe they will have some of my old films. This will be broadcast live on KLUC radio.

If you haven’t seen "Bite" at the Stratosphere, go see it quickly. Fabulous!

To my readers, keep this date open — Feb. 17. Special Inaugural Diamond Star Studded Gala 2007, honoring Chancellor James E. Rogers, Thalia Dondero, Jaki Baskow, Judy Moreeo, Christine Gibbs-Springer, Joshua Jones, Jennifer Patino and Elie Freim. Proceeds to benefit the Center for Independent Living.

I went to a wonderful event at the Bellagio in the Grand Ballroom on Jan. 9. World renowned musician Don Felder, one of the performers, was one of The Eagles for 27 years. This event and the NCMEC Celebrity Golf Tournament, sponsored by Canon is to benefit The National Center of Missing and Exploited Children. This is very close to my heart.