Sweet keno jackpot!

Jan 9, 2007 2:32 AM

It’s good to see keno is live and well, especially at my old stomping grounds, the El Cortez.

Always known for its variety of affordable games and generous keno payouts, Jackie Gaughan’s downtown casino kicked off the New Year with a huge jackpot winner.

Duwayn and Karen from Thief River Falls, Minnesota, hit a $100,000 jackpot on New Year’s day.

Duwayn accomplished the phenomenal feat when the numbers filled in his 8-spot ticket (see ticket), whose numbers included the upper left-hand "box."

His bet amount was $2.30 and the ticket was part of a 100-game multi-race ticket.

Incidentally, those multi-race tickets are a great way to play. You can play up to 1,000 consecutive games with just one ticket.

If you play 21 games or more, you have up to one year to collect your winnings. If you play 20 games or less, you must collect immediately after the last game is called.

As noted, the El Cortez has always been a hot spot for keno action. In fact, it’s been voted the "Best Keno in Las Vegas" in the R-J readers’ poll the last two years.

One of the reasons is the variety of tickets you can play. There are 12 pay rates and five special tickets from which to choose.

And you don’t have to bet $1 or $2 just to play. They have games as low as 40¡ for the budget-minded among us.

All in all, El Cortez rules when it comes to keno.