Contest wimpys go to
Brando’s, Terribles

Jan 9, 2007 7:16 AM

There were a ton of football contests this year all over the city and on line, but two received very little print.

They were very well run and free. That’s my key word. As you know I am a sucker for free anything. First was the inaugural Brando’s football handicapping contest with a cash price of $10,000 going to the top seven spots. There were no points, just a matter of picking the winners and choosing a tie breaker total on the last game. Brando’s also gave out a beautiful free shirt when you signed up.

Our Burger Bites awarded Brando’s five wimpys so you get a free contest and awesome food. The pizza, my favorite dish, is especially good. The second free contest is at Terribles. Their second annual contest played in 63 bars around the area, including all the Brando’s. Customers had to choose five games against the spread, along with a tiebreaker total. The purse was $25,000 in cash and prizes.

Some may be wondering why Saber is writing about a contest when football is over. Well, I am getting you ready for next year. Cut this out, post it and, in the meantime, stop at Brando’s to check out their loose slots along with the great food. Also, my niece Connie Saber won the Brando’s contest by two games and was third in the Terrible’s sponsored challenge.

Connie now wants to be called Dr. Connie and open her own tout service. By the way, Brando’s 1 and 2 finished first and second among all the 63 bars in the area. There must be some top notch handicappers at Brando’s or they are doing more eating than drinking. Good job Connie and don’t forget a cut for your favorite uncle.

A very good friend of mine Syl Friedman, who lives in Metairie (LA) called me before Panthers-Saints regular season finale. Mr. F, a season ticket holder, told me that the Saints were going to pull many starters after the first half. I told him that if I were paying all that money for season tickets, I would want a refund. Syl, a diehard Saints fan, said it didn’t matter even though they lost 31-21.

What if you were a Bears season ticket holder losing the last home game in a no show, no try effort against Packers 26-7? Please give me my money back! Well, I guess if you can afford season tickets the money doesn’t really mean anything.


Colts +4 at Ravens (41): Baltimore, the Cinderella team of the NFL this year, just may end up being the Steelers of last year. However, I don’t think so. There are a few holes in the armor, losing 13-7 to the Bengals, struggling to a 20-10 win over the Chiefs and edging the Browns 27-17. The Ravens also fell to the Panthers 23-21 so this game is no cinch. The Colts finally stood their ground and played defense in last week’s win over KC. They come in to Baltimore off a big confidence builder. Colts were the big favorite last year, but just did fail in fluke loss to the Steelers. Don’t count Dungy and the Colts. This just may be their year. COLTS.

Eagles +5 at Saints (48): The Saints are the other Cinderella this year. They did beat the Eagles in Philly 27-24, but that was pre Garcia. Since Garcia, the Eagles have been untouchable. I like the points here and a shot at below 48. I think that New Orleans will come out a little timid. EAGLES/UNDER.


Seahawks +8½ at Bears (37): The game time weather will be a very important factor. You need a lot of luck to win a Super Bowl and just to reach the promised land. Seattle is extremely lucky to be in the Divisional Championship. The Cowboys should never have lost, but that’s yesterday’s news. I know the Bears crushed the Seahawks early in the year (37-6), but let luck be a lady in this game. I see the Seahawks keeping it close this time. I’ve seen this game as high as +9½ so shop around and get the best number. SEAHAWKS +8½

Patriots +5 at Chargers (46½): Betting the ponies this past Sunday at Red Rock, we were discussing a possible line. I thought that the Chargers would be -7. Professional horse player Don Weiner stared me in the eye and said dead face, "The Pats are a cinch." Now Mr. W very seldom makes a football bet, but said he would be betting plenty. It’s playoff time and now the Chargers will go low key and play "Marty Ball." He also said that Brady will make no mistakes and San Diego QB Rivers will be overwhelmed. I do like Brady so I concur. If Don is wrong he will have to find a different seat next week. PATS.