It’s a yin/yang week

Jan 15, 2007 3:09 AM

It was an interesting week for conventions: The 40th International CES Convention and the Adult Entertainment Expo 2007. Talk about your strange bedfellows. Oddly enough, I was a big part of both.

First, Bill Gates opened CES at the Venetian with a great speech. There were a lot of stars representing products, new gadgets and electronics. But for me, I was happy to just be a part of all the glitz.

I was at the Adult Expo signing autographs and supporting Michael Piehl and his Sexy View X2. Porn stars Ron Jeremy, Jana Jamison, distributors — what a great industry. As I walked around the booths I was recognized (even with my clothing on). Could it have been the leopard get-up?

A lot of the producers and marketing companies said they read my column. I was thrilled and delighted to know they could read. Michael Piehl, a filmmaker from New York, is producing my new TV pilot from Las Vegas, a reality show, A Day In The Life of Mr. Rock; it’s a sage that ranges from the gift giving to the marketing, what makes Monti tick. He is also producing my Monti Minute and looking to move his Moon Productions to Las Vegas.

Piehl’s background is quite extraordinary. He was one of the original Chippendale dancers and now is a very successful filmmaker. I support him and we welcome him to Las Vegas.

Here in Vegas, The Producers’ previews start January 31 at 8 p.m. The price is $60. Call the box office at the Paris for additional information.

Also, George Wallace, one of the great comedians, is doing a show for locals only through Valentine’s Day. The price is just $10 and I recommend this guy. Funny, funny, funny. The grand opening of the University Theatre is Monday, January 22. It will be a night of acoustic performances.

Rita Rudner reopens her show at Harrah’s after a successful five years at New York-New York. What can we say about Rita Rudner? Originally I saw her at the MGM. She moved to the New York-New York in her own cabaret for five years. She is occupying the space that once was the home of Clint Holmes. Now she starts a new reign at Harrah’s.

The Harrah’s organization of which the Rio is a part, has Prince, and Penn & Teller. We all know that Harrah’s Group has been sold to a private investing company. With the abrupt closing of the Greg Thompson shows, Bareback and Skin Tight and Erotica, they are looking for something I would call edgy. Let’s hope they find something brand new, innovative and exciting. I find most of the shows a bore, but what do I know?

I couldn’t help this week telling Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump to shut up. Enough! Now Star Jones came out and called Barbara Walters a liar. Why do they all have to be scandalous? And why are they all 200 pounds overweight?

Over at the Hilton, there’s Barry Manilow, Menopause, and Ira David Sternberg and his Lunchtime with Ira radio show, which has just gone into syndication. It will be on the net getting a wider audience.

Ira, who is one of my big supporters, named this column The Full Monti.

Lots happening at the Aladdin, where AOB Media presents Concert Spectacular FU-SION 2007. Is Steve Wyrick opening the 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th of January? We are all waiting, Steve. The Miss America Pageant will be held at the Aladdin the end of this month. Mario Lopez will be hosting.

My wonderful friend and fan, Jeff Beacher, who is on this big diet, just signed with the Hard Rock again. Congratulations! Jeff Beacher’s Madhouse is exciting, edgy and divine.

David Saxe just announced that he is bringing a brand new show into the V Theater. He is very quiet about his partnerships. You have to marvel at David Saxe. He keeps coming back for more. Remember, reputation is everything.

Breck Wall is downtown at Fitzgeralds. Justin Trans will add his two cents soon. My favorite, Anthony Cools is at the Paris. He dyed his hair light again. Hey, I like the hair. Lighten up, baby! With so many openings, let’s not forget The Revolution Club at the Mirage, part of the Beatles Love cirque show.

Last week I was having dinner at the Luxor and ran into my favorite, Anita Mann, the producer and choreographer of Fantasy. At the table was Stefani Jordan, her star, who was out for a few days with the flu and just returned to the show.

My predictions for this year, again, Criss Angel at the Luxor, Brittany Spears, rumor has it, at the Palms, Michael Jackson, where art thou, Michael? I was watching his sister Latoya, who lives here, on a cop show. Really, holding a gun, fully made up. You got to give it to Latoya, she bounces back.

Soon the American (Idiot) Idol will host auditions in Las Vegas. This is reality at its worst — Tori Spelling doing a reality show on Tori Spelling and the Inn Love. It’s a reality show. She took her inheritance of $800,000 and invested in a bed and breakfast. That is why she had the garage sale. She’s still not talking to her mother who inherited $500 million.

My friend Jody Bialy is going into the vintage jewelry business. She did all the jewelry for the Golden Globes. She’s one of the best PR and marketing ladies in the world. Good luck, Jody. Send me some jewelry, dear.