Take a healthy shot
at 20-card games

Jan 16, 2007 12:17 AM

It’s been an interesting two weeks to start the New Year. I’ve done most of my "clustering" at Palace Station, where I’ve begun an assault on a group of Multi-Card Keno games.

My foray started in grand style when I caught eight solid 7-spots on one hit. I’ve alluded to this pattern before, in which I take a two adjoining columns and mark two sets of eight 7-spots, as well as four 8-spot cards.

I often vary the pattern: sometimes I’ll use the two columns for the eight 7-spots, or I’ll use the "cross over" pattern (top left four numbers coupled with bottom right four numbers, and vice versa), or the top and bottom eight-number "boxes."

Obviously, playing 20 cards — especially at four nickels per card — can become expensive, so you have to hope to catch some moderate payoffs along the way.

These payoffs often take the form of six numbers dropping into your eight 7-spot pattern. The result will be two 6-of-7 payoffs plus a bunch of 5-of-7 payoffs. That can amount to more than $200 on a fully loaded machine.

Hitting the 6-of-8 awards also helps, but you’re going to need a lot to keep your credits from dropping rapidly.

One thing that will probably occur is you may catch 7-of-8 on your 8-spot cards. This will reward you with a decent payout (about $320) but, for me, it’s not a reason to cash out and go home.

In the wake of hitting a "consolation" type of jackpot such as the 7-of-8, I’ve found the machine behaves in one of two ways.

First, it immediately comes back to hit a bigger jackpot. Of course, this happens very seldom.

Secondly, the machine goes into a nosedive, and you have to consistently "re-set" the machine in order to keep your credits from dying on the fine.

Call me greedy, but I don’t feel like I’ve "won" until I catch seven numbers in my cluster of eight 7-spots (which pays about $1,900 with the machine fully loaded) or 8-of-8 on my 8-spots (the award is about $1,600).

Obviously, the grand salami is catching all eight numbers in your 7-spot cluster, which pays a cool $11,500.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve continued to look for the big one after catching 7-of-8, but could only catch a solid 7-spot or two.

But I’m still trying. I hope you are, as well.