Nevada on a roll!

Jan 16, 2007 6:13 AM

Casino gaming revenue in Nevada increased to $1.14 billion in November, up 14.1 percent from the $999.6 million reported a year earlier, according to the state’s Gaming Control Board.

The total was the second best month ever for Nevada casinos. The win was only $100,000 less than the record set in January 2006, according to Frank Streshley, senior research analyst for the board.

Streshley said the win was the result mostly from high-end gambling action, especially on baccarat tables on the Las Vegas Strip, as well as solid blackjack play. The Strip resorts accounted for $642.4 million of the total win — an increase of 22.4 percent.

Baccarat games won a record $117.2 million, up 100 percent, while blackjack won $116.7 million, up 20.1 percent and mini-baccarat won $15.8 million, also up 20 percent.

The bulk of the statewide win, 62.4 percent, came from slot machines, which raked in $712.2 million. That included $302.9 million won by multi-denomination slots, up 13.7 percent. Penny slots were second with a win of $118.3 million, up 23 percent.

Other live games, including poker, accounted for the balance of the November total. That included $37.2 million on craps tables, down 9.8 percent, and $35 million on roulette, up 24.2 percent. Poker games won $12.5 million, up 4.1 percent.

Nevada race and sports books had one of their best months ever, fueled mainly by intense football betting action and a surge in race betting on the Breeders’ Cup.

Sports books reported winnings of $35.5 million, a whopping 538 percent over last November, while race books collected $7.9 million, up 20 percent from last year. See accompanying sidebar for details.

Casinos in Reno and northern Nevada reported gaming revenue of $57.4 million in November, down 6.8 percent from a year earlier.

Other decreases were reported for casinos in downtown Las Vegas ($53.7 million, down 1.7 percent), North Las Vegas ($27.7 million, down 5.7 percent), and the Boulder Strip ($82.2 million, down 1.8 percent).