Pinnacle suffers its 9/11 loss

Jan 16, 2007 7:02 AM

Jan. 11 will from now on be a date remembered by race and sports bettors across the USA for a long time. It’s being referred to as the day the music died.

Bye bye Miss American Pie. It was also according to Martha and the Vandellas the day that those illegal bookies were dancing in the streets. Well regarded Pinnacle Race and Sports on line betting company told everyone to take their money, no longer allowed to accept wagers coming from inside the USA.

Pinnacle continues to operate as usual with all other countries. Wow, are we stupid or what? It was exactly 64 months to the day that the horrific 9/11 took place. This is nothing like that tragedy but it is a major setback for all bettors. It’s their 9/11. There were players just sitting there staring, asking what to do now. One player told me that first thing each morning he would make coffee and log on to Pinny for the horse matchups of the day.

He told me logging onto a porn site was no problem, but that finding a site to make a sports wager was another story. I just don’t think Senators like John M and others have their priorities in the correct order. You can’t pray, show the Ten Commandments, recite the Pledge or say Merry Christmas without offending someone. Now you can add betting to the list.

The music has died. Not to have things like they were before Jan. 11 is very sad.

Back to betting. John Avello has little fear and booked the Kentucky Derby futures up at Wynn for months. Now he has posted odds to win the 2008 BCS Championship game. USC is the early 5/2 favorite, which I think is way to low. Maybe 5/1 would be a little more enticing.

Second favorite is Michigan at 6/1. Maybe 12/1 would make me take a stab. I will make a two-play with Iowa at 125/1 and either Arkansas (15/1) or the Gators (8/1) to repeat. The Hawkeyes really get a break this year not having to face either Ohio State or Michigan. So, there’s a real shot at going 12-0. Iowa is also a good play at over 9 wins if you can find that anywhere.

Now to this week’s NFL Conference Championships, coming off a 4-0 mark on my sides. It could have been 5-0 if I could have kept the Saints game under 48.


Saints +3 at Bears (43): This is one tough game. I originally liked Chicago giving less than a field goal. Don Weimer correctly told me last week that the Patriots would win at San Diego so I have decided to listen one more time. In a very lengthy analysis, the final outcome will be the Saints playing the Patriots in the Super Bowl. This is a strong money line play, but I’ll take the points so long as they don’t dip to 2½. SAINTS.

Patriots +3½ at Colts (47½): This game opened Colts -3 with the total 49½. In first meeting this year the Colts prevailed 27-20 as a 3-point dog at New England. Betting under 47½ in a game like this makes a lot of sense. One thing that Mr. Weimer pointed out to me was this: When the Chargers went in from the 1 to take a 21-13 lead, TV showed Pats QB Brady on the sidelines with his offense around him.

Weimer read Brady’s lips and that he assured his teammates that it was OK and not to worry. He also told me that when the Pats were driving, HC Belichick was already telling his defense what to do after they scored. Belichick is eons ahead of all other coaches and there is no one better than Brady when all the chips are on the line. The Super Bowl winner comes from this game. If you see 3½, take the Patriots. Right now, I’m also looking at taking a flyer on a defensive game. PATRIOTS / UNDER.