More ways to
play 1-spots

Jan 22, 2007 4:55 AM

A second way of using one-spots strategically on a keno ticket is to use them to increase your winning frequency, much the way two-spots have traditionally been used.

Let’s take, for example, the popular eight-spot ticket. Players have traditionally marked four groups of two to increase their winning frequency, to give themselves "playing money."

If we play the two-spots for a buck per way, and the eight-spot for a buck, we’ll have a $5 combination ticket. This ticket should produce at least a $12 winner every four games or so, as opposed to one winner every 48 games on the straight eight-spot.

On the other hand, if you play the eight-spot for a dollar, and the eight one-spots for 50 cents apiece, you’ll also have a $5 combination ticket, and you should hit at least one-spot every game on the average, for a small winner of $1.50.

Any two-spots will net you $3, while any three-spots will garner $4.50. Now these amounts may not seem too grand on a $5 ticket, but ...

At most keno games the one-spot has a house percentage of 25%, while the two-spot has a higher percent of around 27.5%

Assuming that the eight -spot has a house percent also of 27.5%, this means that the eight-spot marked using deuces has a higher house percentage than the ticket marked with one-spots, which of course means a higher return over time! This small difference in the house percentage actually amounts to $285 if you are playing with a $1,000 bankroll.

Ah, well, that’s the good news. One-spots are usually better than two-spots when trying to increase your win frequency.

The bad news is that both one-spots and two-spots increase the price of your ticket, which actually reduces the number of games that you can play before going broke!

You have to pay the piper one way or another.

Keno tournament update

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