Battle of the Ages
waged in Tunica

Jan 30, 2007 12:37 AM

The inaugural Ladies American Championship Event at the Horseshoe in Tunica, which our daughter Oklahoma Sarah hosted, was a wonderful event for the ladies of the South, who were dressed in their finest and ready to play poker.

The 89 ladies had a great time, and as you know, Carol, it was our late dividend’s birthday

Oklahoma Sarah told me that Lisa Compton, the card room manager, and Sherri Pucci, the Horseshoe general manager, invited her to return as early as July to arrange the next event with them. Of course, they also want OK-S for next year’s LACE tourney.

I also overheard you working up a local event for Mesquite, so we look forward to announcing that one as well.

We inaugurated a special event that the Horseshoe wants to make an ongoing poker happening, The Battle of the Ages.

Note that we are already planning and tweaking the event to compete with other poker events scheduled in Tunica the same time next year.

So far, it looks like The Battle of the Ages next year will be longer and arranged to be on a weekend.

Here is how the Battle is configured. All of the players that were born on or before December 31, 1957 were classified as "senior" players. Those born after that date were designated as "whippersnappers."

The senior players played no limit poker with only senior poker players until 10 of them remained. (Carol and I hosted the senior players, but we didn’t make the final 10.)

The same was true of the whippersnappers — they also played until only 10 remained.

Oklahoma Sarah hosted the whippersnappers, and she did reach the final 10. Rather, she finished 5th as a junior, ending up 15th overall for a $1,000 prize.

On the final day, 10 seniors and 10 whippersnappers remained in the competition. A square boxing ring was created, and two poker tables were placed inside the area.

Pretty girls dressed just right announced the event and at each limit change they would dance through the crowd and into ring, with limit cards held high to the delight of the large audience.

Five whippersnappers and five seniors were placed at each table in the squared circle.

Believe or not — and you folks always have my "Oklahoma Guarantee" that at least 97% of what I tell you is true — five seniors were defeated at the same time that five juniors lost the last of their chips — just as if it were planned.

Five seniors and five whippersnappers came to the final table of the Battle of the Ages. Records were kept for the ages and each player was assigned a number as he left the field of battle equal to his or her order of finish.

And each team was given that number to help them compute the team winner. Of course, the champion would be the last standing.

In the end, it was a split decision: The seniors won the team championship of the Ages, but the whippersnappers had the last player standing.

OK-J Poker tip of the week

Of course, the whippersnappers are smarter than the seniors and have not yet used up all their luck.

But always remember the old German saying that kind of goes with this Battle of the Ages: Ve get too old too soon ”¦ and too late smart!

Until next time remember to stay lucky.