This is IT for 1-spots

Jan 30, 2007 12:55 AM

One last way to utilize one-spots in keno is to try them in a Martingale system.

A Martingale is a betting system which attempts to minimize losses by increasing the wager with each losing bet, thus attempting to ensure that each run will end on a positive outcome. When using keno one-spots you’ll want to arrange your bets so that each run will result in a positive win of 1 or 2 units.

This can be seen in the chart below, where the first column denotes the length of the run, the second column denotes the bet for that game, the third column denotes the total amount bet for each run, and the fourth column gives the return.

Note that the level of bets increases slowly for the first few bets, and indeed the Martingale may work for a while. However, even by game 10, (and we have seen in previous columns that losing runs of 10 or more are hardly uncommon) we will have had to have risked 92 units to end up 1 unit ahead.

If we are obstinate (and, I might add, rich) we might very well find ourselves in the position someday of betting a 20 unit run, where our wager is 1,798 units, our total wager at risk is 5,398 units, and our expected return, IF we win, is ONE unit. If this makes sense to you, go ahead and play it. But as parting advice, let me tell you about my $26 cheeseburger.

One time long ago a casino in town offered a lunch special of a $1 cheeseburger which I though was a fine thing and which I enjoyed several times per week. I determined that it would be even finer if I obtained it for free, and since I enjoyed also playing keno during lunch I endeavored to secure the cheeseburger by employing a Martingale each lunchtime on a keno one-spot. This worked quite well the first three times, but on the fourth time I went seven games without a winner, $26 in the hole, and with no more bankroll nor time to play. I was cured.

Game Bet Total Bet Return
1 1 1 3
2 1 2 3
3 2 4 6
4 3 7 9
5 4 11 12
6 6 17 18
7 9 26 27
8 14 40 42
9 21 61 63
10 31 92 93
11 47 139 141
12 70 209 210
13 105 314 315
14 158 472 474
15 237 709 711
16 355 1064 1065
17 533 1597 1599
18 799 2396 2397
19 1199 3595 3597
20 1798 5393 5394

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