Bally (finally) unveils
new keno machine

Jan 30, 2007 1:13 AM

Local casino customers in Las Vegas are not what you’d call a "slot" crowd. The game of choice for locals is video poker, and to a lesser extent, video keno.

Video poker got a big boost when multi-hand games debuted with Triple Play (three hands at a time). Now, of course there are five-, 10- and even 100-hand video poker games.

Video keno was a little slower to follow suit, but it did with IGT’s Four Card Keno and then Multi-Card Keno, which offers up to 20 "tickets" in one game.

As I’ve pointed out before, those 20-card games can pay off handsomely, when you’re lucky enough to catch a lot of numbers on overlapping tickets.

Now, Bally Technology has entered the multi-game keno fray with a new machine of its own, and I can’t wait to give it a shot.

It’s called Keno Cash and it lets players bet up to 10 cards on one keno game.

With its dramatic 32-inch vertical video display, Keno Cash is the second game presented on Bally’s distinctive new V32 cabinet.

This is a multi-draw keno game that allows players to play 10 games simultaneously using the same spots, which are displayed on an electronic keno ticket located in the lower right-hand corner of the video screen.

Keno Cash can be configured by the operator (casino) with one to 10 configurable credits in denominations ranging from one cent up to $100 and a top award of 100,000 credits.

You’ll be able to choose from two to 20 spots. That will be interesting, as I’ve never seen a 20-spot ticket.

A "Quick Pick" option randomly marks a number of spots equal to the number of spots played in the last game for those too lazy or unimaginative to pick their own numbers.

Keno Cash also features an on-screen, player-adjustable game speed and volume controls. That’s a great feature because, to me, hearing the "hits" is more fun than actually seeing them on screen (especially when you need reading glasses and you left yours in the car!).

I’ll have a full report after I’ve had a chance to sample the pudding!