Super Props 41: GT selects
most innovative to wager

Jan 30, 2007 2:09 AM

GamingToday’s colorful Richard Saber gladly boasts of his part in the birth of prop bets in Vegas after Chicago defensive tackle William "The Refrigerator" Perry scored the first touchdown ever in the 1985 Super Bowl as an eligible running back.

The Bears will be making their first Super Bowl appearance since that historic blowout win over New England and prop bets have evolved here to become almost as important as the game itself.

"We get together the week before and bunk down each year for a jam session," Las Vegas Hilton SuperBook guru Jay Kornegay has said many times over the years when he and Ed Salmons used to perform the chore at Imperial Palace. "By Thursday of the bye week, we usually finish up and the list is larger each year."

Rich Baccellieri at the Palms broke the mold early, posting props the day after the NFL league championship games. Caesars Palace, The Plaza joined the fun and now props are as common as leaves on a tree. There are the standards like first team to score, who will win the coin toss, longest field goal etc.

Since 1985, the props have become incredibly imaginative. They often involve sports one would not associate with football such as lacrosse, soccer and rugby. We’ve gone through hundreds — far too many to print — and have chosen what we feel are the most provocative and entertaining.

Bettors should check their favorite sports books for the ones they like. All we’re saying is there’s plenty to choose from and to just use this list as a guide. We’ll provide our selections just in case you haven’t come to a decision.


Will there be overtime? Yes +700, No -1100. We’re overdue for an overtime. None in past 40 Super Bowls. YES.

Total TDs (5½): Over EV, Under -120. We think FGs will decide this one. UNDER 5½.

At least one 0-0 quarter? Yes +230, No -270. If there is one, we’ll say the first. YES.

Total number of Colts to catch a pass (7). Over +140, Under -160. We’ll say below 7. UNDER.

Rex Grossman throws this first? TD -135, INT +115. Rex is unpredictable. TD.

Thomas Jones rush att: (17½) Over -110, Under -110. With Jones dividing play time with Benson, it’s doubtful. UNDER.

Longest catch by Bernard Berrian (21½) Over -110, Under -110. Berrian is Bears top deep threat. OVER.

Total tackles by Chicago’s Brian Urlacher (7½) Over -135, Under +115. This is a no brainer. OVER.


Most kicking points: Vinatieri -1½ (EV), Gould +1½ -120. Both should be very busy. GOULD.

Jersey number for first TD (61½). Over -110, Under -110. Likely to be a low number except for Harrison (88). UNDER.

Will the Bears ever lead? Yes -220, No +190. It’s going back and forth. YES.

Most points: Colts or Csvs G Lebron James? Colts -½ (-110), James +½ -110. We’ll go with Lebron, who should net 30. JAMES.

Manning completions or Ilgauskas pts / reb? Peyton -1½ (-110) against Zydrunas +1½ (-110). Z man could take a bagel. PEYTON.

Colts, Bears punts v Jason Kidd assists: Punts +½ (-110), Kidd -½ (-110). Jason is good for 10 assists. KIDD.

Thomas Jones rushing yds vs Hawks-Nets pts: Jones +100½ (-110), Hawks-Nets -100½ (-110). Two against one. HAWKS-NETS.

Largest lead? Colts or Bears +0.5 (-110), Florida State-Duke -½ (-110). At Cameron, it’s no contest. FSU-DUKE.

Manning pass yards vs MAAC points: Peyton +25½ (-110), St.Peter’s, Niagara, Siena, Canisius -25½ (-110). This is our favorite prop. PEYTON.

Who gets more: Bears first quarter points +1½ (-150) or Tiger’s 4th round birdies at Dubai -1½ (+130). Tiger is pure money. WOODS.

Who gets more: Bears TDs PK (-145) or Manchester United-Wales goals +3½ (-110). Soccer usually means 1-0. BEARS.

Who gets more: Grossman incompletions -7½ (-110) or Washington’s first period shots on goal +7½ (-110). Ovechkin is good for at least 4 by himself. CAPITALS.