‘Buffet’ of props for every taste

Jan 30, 2007 4:19 AM

The absolute most fun during the Super Bowl is to follow your proposition bets.

This aspect of the game came into play in the 1990s, much to my regret at first, but now I find it the most interesting of all wagering opportunities.

Perhaps that change of heart was due to the fact that I hated to book them but I love to play them.

With so many choices that are available it’s hard to concentrate on the game itself, but certainly much more fun. Here are a few I’ve found so far that you might be interested in:

”¡ Second quarter (Leroy’s, Hilton) Bears plus 3 points with a total of 14. The numbers are out of line with the Bears plus 3 and under.

”¡ Teams with more sacks in the game (Stations). Colts plus a half and Bears minus a half. I can’t remember when Payton was last sacked. Rex on the other hand can’t move two steps and you get a half to boot.

backs "over" on pass attempts and completions and Manning on total net yards.

”¡ I’ll play any running back under the projected total yardage because somehow they never get there or, due to injury, don’t get enough attempts.

Of course there are tons of props to choose from, as well as the winner and score total, so to help you make informed decisions, here are a few key facts worth noting:

1. Over the last 31 Super Bowls, the point total has gone "over" 61% of the time.

2. Though the Bears are perceived as a defensive team, they went "over" the total in 11 of 16 regular season games and in both playoff games.

3. How good (bad?) is Rex Grossman as a passer? The last eight times the Bears put up less than 150 yards of passing, they came back to cover the spread in all but one of those. Rex put up 144 yards against the Saints.

4. The Bears defense shut the Saints scoring offense down, but they didn’t stop Drew Brees, who passed for 354 yards. Nonetheless, Chicago is 14-6-1 ATS in games after they allow more than 350 yards passing.

5. Do the Bears have an advantage playing on grass? Maybe not. The Colts are 9-4-1 ATS when playing on natural turf.

6. The Colts were the worst team defensively against the run during the regular season, though they have improved with the return of safety Bob Sanders. He will be key as to whether the Colts can bottle up Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson, like they did Larry Johnson and Jamal Lewis.