All Star game not lame

Jan 30, 2007 5:01 AM

Last week in Dallas, the All Stars actually seemed to enjoy themselves and it translated on the screen.

There were 21 goals scored with no hard checks, but an overall good show. The NHL has many terrific players to publicize. They just need a commish to get his head back straight and re-sign with ESPN. Hard to locate VS on the dial.


Coyotes at Ducks: Anaheim just 2-6-2 in last 10, Gretz has lit fire under Phoenix. COYOTES.


Devils at Flyers: Brodeur tops NHL in shutouts. DEVILS.

Oilers at Canucks: Kings won at Vancouver...OILERS.


C’bus at Flames: Western Canada trip brutal. FLAMES.


Flyers at Thrashers: Too much offense for Philly to deal with THRASHERS.