Don’t crap out!

Feb 5, 2007 11:48 PM

Want to know the secret of using discipline to increase your winnings?

Let’s say you have a heart attack. You go to the doctor and he says you need to cut down on your cholesterol and exercise more or you’ll have another one.

You ignore his advice and whammo, you have another one. You know what you should do but don’t have the discipline to carry it through.

Now, let’s say you are at a craps table, and know all there is to know about money management and setting win/loss goals. You buy in for $500 and have a $150 loss limit, hit it but keep on playing anyway.

Whammo, you lose all your money because you have the knowledge but no discipline.

This goes for winning also.

Now, do you want to know how craps pros use discipline to increase their winnings? Let’s find out.

When you have discipline you are making a promise with yourself to accomplish a certain goal. In your other business and personal agreements, your own integrity keeps that promise, even if it is an unwritten one. Why not keep your agreements with yourself when you play craps?

Besides the obvious advantage of profiting more by using proven techniques when you play, you’ll also have increased self esteem and confidence because you kept your commitment. You’ll make money and feel better at the same time.

Why then, do most players disregard their money management knowledge and win/loss goals? It is because we are greedy and want more winnings. Whether we’re $200 ahead, or $2,000 ahead we still want more.

The real beginning of modern gambling started back in the early 1900s, when a smart salesman was in a bar having a drink. He noticed a young woman playing one of the mechanical slot machines that was in nearly every establishment in those days. After a few pulls of the handle she won $200, which was a real fortune back then.

Everyone gathered around her and praised her play. She was exhilarated when she was paid off. The salesman speculated how she would spend her new found riches when she stuffed the 200 gleaming silver dollars into her purse.

After all the commotion died down he wondered why the woman was still in the bar, instead of at home sharing her small fortune with her family.

A few minutes later he watched her walk back to her slot machine and put just one of the dollars back in. Then another. She got a chair and sat down, and soon fed every single one of her new silver dollars back into the machine.

The salesman went off to start a slot machine marketing company.

That woman went home broke, feeling terrible. It wasn’t her fault; she just wanted more, just like most people do. She was greedy. She had no discipline.

The next time you play, make an agreement with yourself regarding your win/loss limits. You can write this down or memorize it, but keep this agreement! This way, you’ll have discipline and increase your confidence so you’ll make more money.

Now, you know the secrets of discipline.