Try lucky 13!

Feb 5, 2007 11:59 PM

   This week's hot ticket will, I'm sure, bring out the skeptic in many of you. It is a 13 way 13, and I usually play it for a dime per way, making it a $1.30 ticket. I also play it for a five or ten game multi-race, making it a $6.50 or $13 play altogether.

   Many of you will ask, "How can I make money on a 13 spot ticket?" and "How can I make money playing for a dime per way?" I can assure you that you can do both, if lucky!

   If you are playing a 13 spot ticket, you are not, of course playing to hit a solid 13. Though it is possible, it is improbable, to say the least. However, you can hit 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 out of 13, and even at a dime per way the payouts add up. The most I have won on this ticket is a little over $1,900.00 (at a dime per way!) and I have hit many winners over $100.

   The ticket is marked using 34 numbers, with 1 group of 7, 2 groups of 6, 1 group of 5, (these are all lined off following Keno convention) 1 group of 4, 1 group of 3, 1 group of 2, and 1 king. (These groups of four or less are circled.)


   Here is a breakout of the ways:


            7-6       =          2 way 13

            7-5-1    =          1 way 13

            7-4-2    =          1 way 13

            7-3-2-1=          1 way 13

            6-6-1    =          1 way 13

            6-5-2    =          2 way 13

            6-4-3    =          2 way 13

            6-4-2-1=          2 way 13

            5-4-3-1=          1 way 13


   Thus the seven combines for 5 different ways, the sixes combine for 9 different ways, the five combines for 4 different ways, the four combines for 5 different ways, the three combines for four different ways, the two combines for six different ways, and the king combines for 6 different ways. It is this diversity of combinations plus the large number of total spots on the ticket that gives it its strength. Remember, on a 34 spot ticket, you will hit on the average 8.5 numbers per draw, and if you are lucky, those 8 or 9 numbers will be distributed on the thirteen spot ways in an advantageous fashion!