An epilogue for not-so-epic SB

Feb 6, 2007 5:30 AM

It’s only fitting that I offer a professional critique of the 2007 Super Bowl. (Am I allowed to say "Super Bowl" under threat of prosecution?)

As if you need more information after two grueling weeks of the NFL hype. I witnessed the press conferences of Billy Joel and Prince three days ago. I like Billy Joel’s cool and comedic attitude towards the reporters in the room, who really had no questions to ask a non-football participant about the Big Game.

One guy, who I’m certain wanted to be noticed, asked if he could "ask him to sing a few bars of the National Anthem." Billy replied, "yes," and then fielded another question without looking back at the reporter.

I thought this to be a very appropriate answer to a very inappropriate question.

Prince didn’t field any questions but did give the reporters two selections from his tremendous repertoire. I don’t get his music, but I’m not supposed to, as I’m an "oldies but goodies" guy. Actually, more like an Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis or Vic Damone and Sinatra kind of guy.

I must admit that the two 10s that danced while he sang were really good with gyrations, which, if I tried to duplicate them would put me in a chiropractor’s office for a minimum of six months.

I am glad the NFL had Prince do the half time show, primarily because it gives the bettors a longer period of time to find different numbers to bet. Half time betting is a different deal entirely and really should be utilized more by the public than it is.

Having a more educated opinion you can make new choices, and half-time bets should be treated as a new bet regardless of your initial wager.

Throughout this season I’ve rarely taken a side going into a game, and more often than not had a stronger opinion at the half. But we’ll save this philosophy for next year, if I’ve still got this job in August.

Now to the game itself: It wasn’t worth waiting two weeks for the kickoff, however the kickoff was the best part of the entire game. It might be interesting to note that a 6-point teaser on the team and total wins all four ways, as I’m certain every sports book director in town already knows.

In general, I would think the shops did well with the game, as when you get the favorite and under, or of course the underdog and over, most parlays are aligned just the opposite.

If Dungy goes for the last score most sports book directors would probably have had their heart in their throat, especially if they converted it.

Now it’s on to the round-ball for all of us until at least April 1, when the Boys of Summer make their initial appearance. To wet your appetite there are currently two NBA teams winning 8 out of every 10 games (the Suns and the Mavericks).

But don’t look at those two teams, you might want to look at Memphis and Boston, as they are losing almost 8 out of every 10 games.

Have a great week.