Big money demands
two-day Super Bowl!

Feb 6, 2007 5:38 AM

Well, Super Bowl XLI is finally over. It seemed to last an eternity.

There were some good things. Well, maybe not. If you watched the overflow of Super Bowl commercials, did you notice that most contained a lot of violence? No gambling commercials, but plenty of violence.

The Super Bowl is no longer about who will become the Champions of the NFL. It still might be for fans, but it is all money to the big wigs sitting in their cozy offices high up in some skyscraper somewhere. They’re probably thinking how much to charge for Bud ads and others spots for TV time.

Back in Chicago, they wanted to show the game at Soldier Field which holds about 63,000 people with all the profits going to charity. But the all-powerful and ever-loving NFL in their compassion said that would take away from the TV audience and Neilson Ratings. That’s how they are able to charge the big bucks for the TV commercials. Higher the ratings means more $$$ to charge. Good thing they are looking out for the fans!

The one good thing about SB XLI was the half time show. I would rather watch paint dry than spend 30 minutes watching Prince sing some stupid song. Prince is the best they can come up with? The good thing was that I was at Red Rock Station and they had a nice spread in the VIP section. I was sitting there playing the ponies.

Halftime meant eating some very good wings, a brat with mustard and chugged a beer down. Then I drove 15 minutes home, sat down, turned the TV on and caught the entire second half. I probably could have taken the dog out for a little stroll. It’s like the Energizer Bunny. They just don’t want the game to ever end.

Here’s a great idea for the NFL and not related to gambling. No longer have just Super Bowl Sunday, but why not add Monday to the package. You play the first half on Sunday, run all the big television ads and have a big stupid show at the conclusion of the first half.

Then you could have the know it all announcers tell everyone what each team needs to do in the second half. Now you play the second half on Monday night. Wow! Could you fathom how much money they could make, let alone how much the Nevada Sports Books could take in. Plus, all the fans visiting would have to stay an extra day.

The hotels would have to create a four-day Super Bowl package deal starting Friday. It would also be good for me. I could put out three parlay cards — one for the first half on Saturday, one for the entire game and another card for the second half on Monday. It’s not about the Championship anymore, just the money.

If the NFL could find a way to get its hands on some of the betting revenues, it would endorse a little wagering. All in fun, of course. Maybe the NFL could have stopped that dumb internet gambling law from being sneaked onto a ports bill in the 12th hour to get passed. Most Senators that voted on the ports bill didn’t even know that the law banning internet gaming was even on the bill.

That’s another story, but I do like my idea of a Sunday/Monday Super Bowl split game. As always I am looking out for the NFL and just trying to help.

It’s a good thing that March Madness is right around the corner. Yes, another all powerful organization (the NCAA) owning the rights to that slang totally against anyone making a wager. They have no clue regarding betting on the tournament and what the Final Four has become.

Dumb, dumb and dumber.