It was a very good year

Feb 12, 2007 4:12 AM

In some ways my play in 2006 mirrored some of the industry changes that have occurred. One major change was in not playing at the bars in the Rio because of the newer, difficult to read machines and more importantly, their horrid new pay tables.

I began 2006 with one of my smaller win goals for any year — $50,000. The reason? Although I regularly state that I "make my living" by playing video poker, I don’t really need to because of where I’ve worked and how I’ve saved over the years.

But unexpectedly, this past year I began hitting royals and big winners early on, and the trend continued into May — when I attained my win goal for the year. So in an unprecedented move I revised that goal to $75,000, but again, with a $5 royal flush in Laughlin in early August, that goal was surpassed.

At plus $91,000, I quit for the year, and did not play again other than run all free-play through machines only once.

Earlier I stated how every year seems to take on a different tune, and 2006 was definitely one of those. The win I attained took right around 50 hours of play — that’s all. At just over $1800/hr. I’ve never seen the likes of it before.

Because of my progression while playing, all the big hands hit at the higher denominations and I rarely had to venture above $5 games. Unusual? Yes, but this scenario is really already built into my play strategy. Losers cringe, critics dismiss it, but other winners just plain enjoy it.

So what did I do with all that free time an early goal achievement affords? Well, I still go to Nevada once a month to cash in all the free-play and scoop up all the freebies they’re constantly giving out. No reason not to even when you’re not playing. But I’ve gotten involved in sports betting some, and it’s been very interesting indeed.

After just 4 weeks I was at 4-16, admittedly a pretty dismal record. But I finished out the season exactly as I said I would — at a 57.6% weighted winner. That gave me a $1958 overall profit, which includes a $950 deduction for betting expenses. The best part? It’s all documented, recorded, and no one can say I made it up as they do when I report my video poker results.

I will begin betting on NBA games shortly. My video poker play will resume anytime after that. The one big difference between today and the Rob Singer of 1995 is that I can now sit at a bar with a v-p machine all day long and not be the least interested in playing it. Funny how growth stimulates intelligence.