Got questions?
Go ahead, ask!

Feb 12, 2007 5:23 AM

This week it’s my "dime," where I will give you some simple answers to some simple questions. Not everyone may agree with my answers but the rationale behind the answers have been laid out in many columns over the years.

So we begin.


Q. Are one-spot Keno tickets a good bet?

Lil: No.


Q. What are your favorite tickets?

Lil: The five-spot, the twelve-spot, the fifteen-spot.


Q. Is it better to play many spots or fewer spots on a ticket?

Lil: Many spots.


Q. Am I better off playing one $10 ticket or ten different $1 tickets?

Lil: Ten different $1 tickets.


Q. What is better to play, a ten-way-eight (five groups of four) or ten straight eight-spot tickets?

Lil: Ten straight eights.


Q. Is it good to play deuces on my ticket?

Lil: No.


Q. Is the 190-way-eight a "house ticket?"

Lil: No.


Q. Is the 20-spot ticket a "house ticket?"

Lil: Yes.


Q. How much should I tip if I win?

Lil: One percent is stingy, 10 per cent is generous.


Short and sweet this week. Good luck, I’ll see you in line! email: KenoLil @