We heard there was a Pro Bowl?

Feb 13, 2007 5:09 AM

Cries of bidding aloha to any future Pro Bowls came from paid "second-guessers" after New Orleans QB Drew Brees suffered a dislocated left shoulder.

Hey guys, how about cutting preseason games to 2 if you really feel that way!

Brees won’t have use of the shoulder for two months, but should be fine by the time the Saints open training camp in July. In the meantime, Carson Palmer won the MVP, Tony Romo can catch snaps again and nobody in the betting world really cares about an NFL All Star exhibition.

However, from a football lover (not all in the gaming business are above being fans), the AFC and NFC put on a good show. The AFC did blow a 28-14 lead in the final two minutes, but managed to pull out a 31-28 victory thanks to a timely pass interference call that set up the winning field goal. Thankfully, without OT.

For the record, the NFC rally mattered. The AFC collapse cost anyone opting to bet that conference a loss at -3½ points. The total was 64 — close at the end, but ”˜under’ bettors really didn’t have much worry.

The Don Best Rotation posted this rather amusing message after the result became official: Arena football starts March 1.

Now normally, I would take that bit of info with two aspirin and pretend I was dreaming. However, NBC and ESPN are actually trying to make a big deal about the Arenas. It will be interesting to see if the Books place more emphasis on the league. After all, the Las Vegas Gladiators do play in the Arena Football League .

"I would put Arena betting on a scale with the WNBA," said Dan DeMeglio, sports book director at Fiesta Henderson. "Most of us are waiting six months until the NFL training camps start ."

There is wagering on the Gladiators, but that hasn’t sparked any added interest.

"Arena will have its niche, but it will never be tremendously popular," DeMeglio said. "As for the NFL Pro Bowl, hardly anyone bet it."