Staying far away
from NBA All Star

Feb 13, 2007 6:06 AM

Everyone knows this year’s NBA All Star Game is in Las Vegas, continuing this city’s evolution into big non-gaming entertainment.

At first glance I thought it was hypocritical a city built on gambling had caved into NBA commissioner Stern, who is opposed to wagering on pro basketball in the State of Nevada. Of course those wanting to make a wager can find their favorite nearby or not so local bookie and get down.

I am also sure the all powerful and knowing Stern, who asked the players to leave their guns at home, just doesn’t know that people can make bets on the NBA outside Vegas. After seeing all the hype and noting the thousands of people in town to party, this event looks like a good deal in the long run. Believe me, these players and their entourages will be dropping a lot of cash in the casinos and restaurants.

Las Vegas will make a lot more cash than if the game wasn’t here and money came in only from legal bets on the game. From a bookmaker’s point of view, there is no guarantee that the house would make money on the game if a line was available.

I really don’t care one way or the other. I neither bet nor watch the NBA and never would pay $150 to go to a league game. The thought of watching a bunch of grown men walk up and down the court showing off their tattooed bodies, leaning and seating on each other just doesn’t appeal to me.

Yeah, having to watch 7-foot guys drop basketballs in the hoop is not my idea of pure entertainment. If someone asked me next Monday how I liked the game and what was the score I wouldn’t have a clue. I rather remember Vegas as a place that I came to gamble, look at the girls and catch a great act like Sinatra or Dino. I don’t like what this town has evolved into.

It’s not bad to have clubs popping up or NBA coming here for their All Star Game. They are all money makers for the city and bring young guys and gals with cash to spend. Maybe I am just getting old and liking things the way it was.

So, on with the show and I hope everyone that attends to the game gets down a wager somewhere and has a good time. Now to something you can bet on.

March madness

The excitement is building around the NCAA basketball tournament and then the start of baseball on April 1. Those are items we can really enjoy and sink our handicapping teeth into.

Week 1 of March Madness is probably my favorite time of the year. The games just keep going on and on all day Thursday and Friday. This year looks pretty wide open, but we here at GT will offer some of our best opinions. Don’t forget to get a subscription ASAP! You can have subscriptions mailed to your home or get all our info on line via computer.

”¡ Go Buckeyes! They blew it for me in football, but the opportunity is there to make it up in the NCAA tournament. I also wish UNLV the best. The Rebels have really turned things around with a very good coaching job by Lon Kruger.

”¡ I know a lot of my readers often catch me at one of my daily stops and ask about a futures bet. For those who have enough cash to lock up for an entire baseball season, I will be betting Pittsburgh over 71½ wins (according to Las Vegas Hilton SuperBook). I made this bet last year, thinking the Pirates had a good young pitching staff. However, they started very slow as the young staff just could not get it together early. The horrendous first half, overshadowed a nice second half that saw the Pirates go 37-35 (.513) after the All Star break.

Last year the Pirates were just 8-24 in one-run decisions, a stat I am sure they will improve on this season. With the young pitchers and newcomer Adam LaRoche adding punch to the lineup that includes Jason Bay and batting champion Freddy Sanchez, I see the "Buccos" as a .500 club and capable of 80 or more wins.