Sammy finally gets a star, man!

Feb 19, 2007 3:30 AM

It took far too long but the Walk of Stars finally honored Sammy Davis, Jr. He’s one of the great entertainers of our time! He along with Frank and Dean should have been presented the first three stars along The Strip. By the way, does anyone know where the stars are located?

I met Sammy when my girlfriend, Geri Granger, and Rip Taylor were opening for him in Ft. Lauderdale. I also went to Lake Tahoe with Sarah Vaughn and Geri, and Sammy always thought of me as a "strange fellow." But, he was always gracious and kind.

The party at Le Bistro at the Riviera had a varied group of performers paying tribute to Sammy. I wonder why this celebration was held at the Riviera when he did not work there. He worked the Sands and the Desert Inn. You need $15,000 to be on the Walk of Stars. I guess it’s a small price to pay for immortality.

I remember when he passed away, and his estate was in shambles. His management, who were the executors, didn’t give his widow, Altovise Davis, her fair share.

Can Anna Nicole’s demise be any stranger? Will she ever rest in peace? Everyone is fighting for custody of the body. Her mother, Mommy Dearest, and all the hangers-on are all creating stories for CNN. Let the girl rest in peace.

Now that the NBA has left town (gratefully) and Chinese New Year’s has been rung in, we have Magic this week. The show is about fashion, stars, and new labels.

This week the movie "Factory Girl" opened. For those of you who do not know or care, Monti Rock, III was part of the New York underground and never truly appreciated Andy Warhol.

Andy was always trying to get me to be part of his entourage and part of his under paid, under rated stars. But I had an affinity for Edie Sedgwick. She was a poor little rich girl at the time, the It Girl of the 60’s.

With Viva and Janie Holzer and Ultra Violet, Andy Warhol, the pop artist was part of the New York avante guarde jet set. Monti Rock, III was part of fashion, and a frequent guest on Johnny Carson and Merv Griffin. I held court in my brownstone, but I was more into movie stars, models, fashion editors and the real beautiful people.

For some reason, I attracted the rich and affluent. In a way, Andy Warhol was the counter-culture of Monti Rock. I always felt I did not want to be underground. I took the media very seriously, reaching 50 million every time I was on television even if I only did six minutes a show.

I am proud to announce that the Very Reverend Monti Rock, III will be conducting million dollar weddings. Okay, stop laughing. I’m serious! Glen Davis and Joan Bojorquez, who own Vegas Adventure Wedding Chapel, are marketing geniuses — they’re also straight and not insane —- when it comes to weddings and events. Their chapel is well named. Monti Rock can plan your entire special day. Not only can I sing, perform the ceremony, cater your reception, do your hair and makeup, but I can write about it, too! I can also take your picture. Such talent. It’s mind boggling!

The divine, divine Mimi Hines just returned from New York and standing ovations as one of the stars of the "Follies." Mimi is one of our great stars who lives here in Las Vegas, soon to open at the "Frisco Follies" in Palm Springs.

Last but not least, Petula Clark at the Suncoast was sold out. She’s a major hit and they have resigned her. Don’t forget Liza is coming back at the Luxor.