Chart your way to wins

Feb 19, 2007 5:31 AM

Do you want to know about the secrets of charting at the craps tables?

When you play craps, the best method to avoid those financially destructive 7’s is to use charting. But how can you chart the tables accurately with a minimum of hassle?

Let’s find out.

All you really need is a small pad and a pen to keep track of the rolls. There are two different ways to chart tables — Mega and Super Charting.

Super Charting is maintaining a running total of 7’s as compared to all the other numbers. Theoretically, one-sixth of all numbers rolled will be 7’s.

Mega Charting is keeping a running total of the inside numbers (5, 6, 8 and 9) and comparing this with all the other numbers.

Theoretically, one-half of all numbers rolled will be inside numbers. This means that in 36 sample rolls, 18 of them will be the inside place numbers.

Mega Charting really succeeds when guided by Super Charting. If a normal rate of 7’s (one-sixth ratio) exists, then the ratio of inside numbers (5, 6, 8 and 9) is the prevailing factor — if this is less than half, it’s time to bet inside.

However, when the inside number ratio is more than half, you should not be betting inside. And if the 7’s total is less than normal, you should be wagering don’t pass or don’t come.

In 36 sample rolls, 18 of them should be inside place numbers, and only six of them should be 7’s. If you count 36 rolls, and only 12 5, 6, 8 or 9’s appear (with the normal amount of 7’s), it’s time to loosen your wallets. But if you see 16 inside places you should wait a while, make some other bets, or change tables.

And remember, this is dependent on the amount of 7’s. Hopefully, if you see six to seven 7’s (in 36 sample rolls), the above should hold true. But if fewer 7’s appear, you might want to hold your bets back.

And, if there are more 7’s, you might want to place larger place bets than you would normally.

By using charting you will be able to minimize your loss periods and maximize your win periods. Charting a table is extremely important to consistently make profits at the craps table. Write on a napkin if you must — but chart your table the next time you play!

Now, you know the secrets of charting the tables.