‘Ludacris’ comparing NBA, NASCAR

Feb 20, 2007 5:53 AM

Just a few observations about this past weekend when the NBA All Stars came into town along with half of La La Land.

The traffic was horrendous. Forget about driving down Las Vegas Blvd. Now I know what it’s like living in LA. I don’t want any part of it. How can this Rap crowd represented by Ludacris all own SUV’s and Caddie Escalades and have handicapped signs in the windows? In my nutty younger days, I wore bell bottom pants with those shoes that had platform heels. It looks stupid now, but we were dressed very neat. The oversized pants that hang down by the knees are stupid!

The good news is that the all knowing and powerful NBA commissioner David Stern has said "no mas" (that means no more games in Vegas in English) as we can’t handle such a big event. Well Mr. Know It All can tell that to NASCAR and all their fans, who have no problem bringing in 10 times more fans than a stupid NBA All Star Game.

Thank you Mr. Stern! By the way I have no clue what the score was and if anyone won the game, if you really want to call it that.

One good thing over the weekend was that I became a NASCAR fan — even making my first bet of what will be many more. By the way, Davie, you still can bet in Vegas or do you still have your head buried in the ground? Kelly Clarkson was just great in the concert before the Daytona 500 race. The music was super. I very seldom listen to anything but oldies, but this was good. The entire event just made you feel good.

The other great thing about the event, from a racing novice, is that it was so exciting. I just could not stop watching it between betting on the races. Yes, Mr. Stern, you can bet on horseracing and NASCAR in Vegas.

There were some wrecks, but no shootings. Just as I was sweating a photo finish in leg two of a pick three, there was a photo finish in the Daytona. Well, I won the horse photo, but my driver Mark Martin just did get nipped by Kevin Harvick (no relation to Kevin Klein) and I ran second in my first NASCAR bet.

Parlays, parlays

By the way speaking of Kevin Klein (no relation to the actor), did you know that he has put out a great NASCAR parlay card that you can play every week at either the Rampart or Cannery? Stop in and check it out.

Talking about parlay cards, there is one at Jerry’s Nugget on Saturdays that is a must play if you bet horses. It is a matchup card and the payoffs are great. Take a little drive down, see Mark Dufty and eat some of the great Jerry’s food as you check out the parlay card.

March Madness is right around the corner and there will be parlay cards galore for that first week. I will keep you posted. Also, there is a rumor that Station Casinos may be on to some big March Madness contest, something like king of the hill, so I will also keep you posted on that event.

This past week I was asked why there were so many horses at even money or less. It’s been almost every race. Years ago when a horse was 5/2 on the morning line, it would usually stay around that price. The answer could be that because of all the outlets in and out of the country, there is just so much money being wagered. Certain trainers like Todd Pletcher and Bobby Frankel are always overbet and go off at odds way lower than normal. In such cases, either pass or find a nice overlay in the race that you think can get the job done.

The quickest way to the poor house is playing over-bet horses. They lose more times than win, if you keep a log.

Latest hoopla

I was betting some hoops this past Saturday and I liked a few favorites and dogs. At Palace Station, it seemed like everytime I was ready to go to the window my team’s point spread kept getting higher. So, I would step back. The dogs that I wanted to bet either stayed the same or the number improved from waiting.

My tips: On Saturdays and Sundays, bet favorites early. If you prefer taking points, wait till game time. Usually you will get a better number.

Baseball tips

If you have some extra dough to wager, the Las Vegas Hilton SuperBook posted the Cubs over/ under wins at 85½. That is almost 20 more than they had last year. I know the "Cubbies" will have a ton of power and blast balls out of Wrigley, but their pitching is just lousy. I don’t see how they can win 86 games.

I will be betting over the run total on most Cubs games. The lineup with Derrek Lee, Mark DeRosa, Aramis Ramirez, Cesar Izturis, Cliff Floyd, Alfonso Soriano, Jacque Jones and Michael Barrett is scary, but the pitching won’t hold anyone down.

Bring on baseball!