Look ‘under’ now in NBA

Feb 20, 2007 6:02 AM

A word of caution should be invoked this week regarding over and under bets as the NBA resumes its regular schedule.

Four or five days off without any practice time to speak of may affect the cohesiveness of the offenses for at least a few days. So, avoid overs for a while, but the unders could be a play as the numbers are based on uninterrupted previous performances.

The news of Marty Schottenheimer getting fired by team President Dean Spanos of the San Diego Chargers last week was shocking.

Here’s a journeyman coach with a great resume who found a home in San Diego and led his team during the season to the best record in professional football.

The explanation seems to relate to the exodus of four of his assistant coaches to better paying positions, two of which became head coaches in the NFL.

The "explanation" makes even less sense as the general manager of the Chargers, A.J. Smith, apparently couldn’t get on the same page as his head coach.

Obviously Smith was more concerned with the social aspect of their relationship than professional accomplishments of his team.

And here I thought all season that T.O. had the largest ego in football.

Without a shadow of a doubt my proudest professional moment was the realization that when I left my position at the Excalibur Hotel there were 13 sports books in Nevada being run by individuals who had progressed through our organization.

The point is — Shottenheimer did his job, and Spanos should have fired his general manager instead.

Is it just me, or are we all tired of the circus surrounding Anna Nicole Smith? It gets worse every day, and perhaps the worst is yet to come.

As far as John Amechi is concerned, who cares? He couldn’t shoot anyway.

I however must confess I love the Donald and Rosie shenanigans, which I couldn’t get enough of.

Local residents of Las Vegas should be quite proud of the job our community has done during the All Star Weekend. Stern, we rest our case.

What’s not to love about our town? We’ve got it all.