Stern softens on LV

Feb 20, 2007 6:35 AM

It’s more like who wasn’t here for the All-Star Game.

Las Vegas showed the NBA the red carpet and everyone came. Everyone except us locals, who weren’t left tickets or couldn’t afford the blown up prices if one was available. No surprise, this NBA extravaganda belonged to the corporates. Even David Stern took a softer line on gambling, saying he wouldn’t stand in the way of what the owners wanted. Now that’s a laugh. Point the owners to the nearest bar and sex club and keep the perks coming.

So long as we still have wagering on NBA games, whatever happens in Vegas can stay here. We still feel Vegas will have a pro sports team by 2010. Owners love the color of money and corporates love owners.


Grizzlies at Warriors: Golden State excels at home and Memphis is horrible on the road. Perfect formula for blowout. GOLDEN ST.

Heat at Rockets: ESPN’s first matchup after All Star break. Heat 7-2 ATS in last nine. D-Wade vs. T-Mac worth the watch. MIAMI.


Heat at Mavericks: Miami will downplay NBA Finals rematch, but Dallas won’t. This game has been circled all year. DALLAS.


Sonics at Hornets: The Hornets set to make a playoff run with Chris Paul back in the lineup. Home court big factor. NEW ORLEANS.


Suns at Hawks: Phoenix remembers losing at home last week to Hawks. Steve Nash is back now. No prisoners taken. PHOENIX.