No more NBA!

Feb 27, 2007 12:45 AM

The NBA has left the building. Do we want them back? From the looks of it, the NBA weekend was really chaotic. Head-bangers, shootings, a lot of misbehaving, a lot of cancellations — no fun by any stretch of the word.

David Stern said once was enough. Hey, Stern, once was too much! Your game stinks, Vegas doesn’t need that garbage.

At the Wynn property, can it be? Le Reve is closing for a month. Is it really to add seats? Maybe they should make the room the Michael Jackson Theater. The Wynn resort, which has Spamalot doing previews in March needs a hit desperately. Spamalot might just be the ticket.

This last week the matriarch, Mary Kaye, who was the lounge diva with the Mary Kaye Trio, passed away at the age of 83. Her family and friends are seeking donations for her funeral. I would like everyone to please be generous for this great lady, since we give so much anyway. The show business community should all contribute. May she rest in peace.

One of exclusives is that Jersey Boys will be coming to Vegas very soon. I first said it would be the Luxor, but now it is the Venetian.

A little backstage story, Frankie Valle, a good friend of mine and I were both produced by Bob Crew. I had two hits and Frankie had a hundred. Go figure. His show, Jersey Boys, is based on Frankie Valle and the Four Seasons.

I recently went to the re-launching of Legends in Concert at the Imperial Palace. This is the longest running show with tributes to the stars, like Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Janet Jackson, Elton John and Rod Stewart. What is unique is that these look-a-likes actually sing — no lip-syncing is allowed.

This week, Legends had Stephen Sevarino starring as MC, comedian, singer, entertainer and then he does the best Elton John in the business. This show’s creator was John Stewart, a legend himself, who just bought a big piece of Hollywood memorabilia.

It was announced that Carmen Electra will be coming here in May to do a magic show at the Aladdin. Six years ago it was announced that she would be in this magic show. It took six years to finally come around.

Poor Brittany Spears. Can someone help her? Here we have a pop star who is out of control. I never heard of rehab having a revolving door, but Brittany seems to check in, check out and then go shopping. Not a bad life, I suppose.

Can’t some of these stars take a painful lesson from Anna Nicole? When will it all end for this beautiful lady? Now, the judge in Florida wants his own TV show. Does anyone have a life of their own? Being a parasite doesn’t qualify.

The tragedy with Anna Nicole is that a child is involved. Everywhere you look on cable you’ll find "checkbook journalism." What a sorry state of the media.

Downtown continues to evolve. Cavemen, the new show that was going to be with Steve Wyrick, is seeking a new home and did a showcase — maybe it will be the Golden Nugget.

The Golden Nugget is blossoming again into a great spot, the jewel of downtown Vegas. That pool/aquarium is awesome, and this week it opens a gaming area. Wow. Gambling and getting wet simultaneously. The experience could replace sex.

At a party the other night, I bumped into the vivacious, incredible Frank Marino, our diva in residence. Everything seems to be copasetic at La Cage. Frank Marino has always been there for Monti Rock, III and I respect him immensely.

At Caesars Palace it’s Elton John with The Red Piano and Celine Dion counting down again for her last performance. And of course, Cher, Bette Midler and now Aretha Franklin have thrown their tiaras into the ring. The Queen of Soul now wants the Vegas market as a steady gig.

The Rio had a very strange rumor last week that Prince will be leaving their property sometime in March to go on the road for his album. What does this mean for his restaurant? He just felt Vegas was not in his best interest financially, career-wise. I could have told him that. Why didn’t he ask? Why didn’t he call?