Get a grip!

Feb 27, 2007 12:57 AM

Want to know the secrets of preventing craps stress?

Craps stress is your stress level while playing craps in a casino. Many people’s craps stress levels go way up when they play, even if they don’t have a lot of money at risk. This is due to the fear of failure.

If other people at the table make a lot of money on a roll and they don’t, sometimes they inwardly feel they have failed.

Here’s how the pros handle craps stress.

Craps professionals look at craps as a learning experience — even if they lose. They are just climbing the ladder of success — and it takes more than one step to climb a ladder. They don’t struggle ”¦ they learn.

To you, craps should also be a learning experience. You can always learn something from every game. A friend of mine keeps a small notebook with him and jots down his thoughts every time he plays.

He watches every player at the table and tries to figure out what their systems are and writes them down.

Then, when his session is finished, he reviews everything that happened. His craps stress level is low because he looks at playing craps as an information producing class, not a gambling session. He is then able to change and perfect his own techniques to produce a better profit in his next session.

You probably have enough stress in your business and personal life, so you don’t need any more when you gamble. Carry a notebook with you when you play and jot down your impressions of the way you play, and the other people at your table.

And the next time you have a losing session, don’t get upset, but ask yourself the following five questions:

”¡ How am I really doing"

”¡ Why did I play the way I did?

”¡ What could I have done differently?

”¡ What did I learn from this game?

”¡ How will I play in my next session?

You should write these answers down in your notebook so you’ll have a record of what you did. This way you can refer to your "class notes" when you get home and prepare for your future class sessions.

Remember, keep your craps stress slow. You are constantly learning and progressing — going up the ladder of success one rung at a time.

Now you know the secrets of controlling craps stress!