Here’s global warming:
Kidman in red!

Feb 27, 2007 3:13 AM

I tried to watch the Academy Awards, but the excitement wasn’t there after the first hour of nothing but politics and sexual innuendo, which is part of Hollywood.

I was solely wishing for my account at Pinnacle so I could make some bets. I would have won them all — Mex, Global warming/Al (the fat man) Gore and the lock of the night Martin Scorsese. As for Ellen ”˜Degenerate’ as the host, please let me go back to Johnny Carson and movies like the Sound of Music.

Super movies and great performances, yes I’m stuck in the past. Forgive me, but it was just so much better back then when the Oscars were a celebration marked with surprise and anticipation. Now it’s a political venue for all-knowing actors and actresses to state their points of view.

All they did the entire time was pat each other on the back and say you’re the best. Well I did like the red dress Nicole Kidman wore and she looked spectacular. Jessica Beal also looked great in her dress. Other than some good looking chicks and the elephant commercial, I will file the Academy Awards with the NBA All Star Game.

I’d rather think about baseball, which brings a few things to mind.

”¡ How come baseball starts so many series early in the season at cold weather towns instead of warm weather sites? [email protected], [email protected], Devil Rays @Yankees, [email protected] Wouldn’t you think it would be the other way? Maybe Gore made the schedule, according to some warming trends.

”¡ What ever happened to Cincinnati being the traditional first game of the year? Maybe they think it will be too cold there and the players would be uncomfortable. I guess global warming doesn’t come into play when it comes to Cincy.

”¡ If you’re looking for a most home run future bet, how about Alfonso Soriano? The recent acquisition of the Cubs is a free swinger, who should get a lot of fly ball home runs when the wind is blowing out at Wrigley. Soriano needs to bat third in the lineup in front of two big time hitters so he can get a lot of fast balls to crunch.

At 12/1, it may be worth a little lay down. With future bets, after a few weeks the money is gone and you never miss it. If you win, it seems like a big windfall.

March madness

Yes, it’s just around the corner. I have been watching as many games as possible. After last week’s No. 1 Wisconsin lost to No. 2 Ohio State 49-48, I was wondering what teams 3-to-10 looked like. The Buckeyes opened as a -4 ½ point favorite and closed -5. They did get up a few times by 6, but the game was nip and tuck all the way. There were a few late no calls on Wisconsin and Ohio State coach Thad Matta got so upset his gum flew out of his mouth and on to the court.

Matta didn’t even flinch, picking up the gum and putting it back in his mouth. Way to go Thad! Anyway, with the win Ohio State just may go into the tournament ranked first and a top seed. I don’t think the Buckeyes or Badgers will win the NCAAs, but either could reach the Final Four with a lot of luck.

Believe me this is one of the most wide open tournaments I can ever remember. Find some long shots and take a chance. You just may see a 7 or 8 seed win the whole ball of wax.

Must-see casinos

If you are ever downtown or just want to get away and hide for a day or two go to the Golden Nugget. The entire hotel is beautiful and the race and sports book is top notch.

I also ventured over to the Strip and visited the old Aladdin now Planet Hollywood. Those folks are doing a great job revamping the inside and out. You just won’t believe it. When finished, PH will be as nice as any Casino on the strip.

The Race and Sport book is still in its temporary location on the second level, but will be moving to its new location very soon. The sports book will be giving away basketballs with a bet on March Madness parlay or teaser cards. I don’t know as yet what amount of bet will be required, but I will pass that on when I get the info.

Station Casinos’ Last Man Standing contest for March Madness will be good and a lot of fun, with some big cash prizes. Its just $25 to get in and if you buy three entries, the fourth is free along with a beautiful collector T-shirt. I will take my shot. Just pick one winner against the posted point spread of that day’s games.

Registration begins Tuesday Feb. 27 at the sports books at Palace, Boulder, Texas, Sunset and Santa Fe Station and also Fiesta Ranch and Henderson, Green Valley Ranch and Red Rock Resort.