Beware those
who make rules

Mar 5, 2007 5:29 AM

Carol, I did not really think that I would live long enough to see some of the changes that I have seen in the past several months in poker and in life.

You folks know that I really do not like change, but I do agree that we need to have rules and regulations to live by. Red lights for stopping is good, and let’s keep that green for go.

But do we really need big brother sitting on the light pole with a camera taking pictures and sending us a ticket if we run the red?

This last year I got a letter from one of those credit card companies. It said I had been a really good boy and they wanted to send me $50,000 by wire to my bank and that I could keep it for a year and not pay them one penny of interest. They just thought it would be a good place for them to keep $50,000 for a year.

Now, folks, you know that 97% of everything I tell you is true. Well, this story about the $50,000 is not part of that three percent. They said they wanted to do it, and I said okay, put the money into my account and dang if they didn’t do it.

What do you think, folks, did they ever get the $50,000 back? I will book it 6-to-5 both ways: which way do you want to bet? Email me your answer and I will give you the vote totals next week.

Well how about Pudzeld?

We don’t have it now but we used to have it. It was an ancient law, but it got changed — it was a release from paying income tax. If you don’t believe me go to Thomas Tayler’s Law Glossary of 1856.

Do you believe that income tax was declared unconstitutional? Yes, it was. The income tax of 1862. The statute that paved the way for President Lincoln to tax incomes from 3% to 5 % in order to finance the Civil War was declared unconstitutional.

Is our congress today, which passed the law banning sending money to Internet casinos, worse or better than the congress of 150 years ago?

Both are reminiscent of the TDA — the Tournament Directors Association, which seems to have the power of life and death over poker players in some tournaments.

The TDA does not play much poker, they just govern poker so they know very little about how the game should be played.

I have been playing poker for 75 years now, and I saw a rule that was enforced yesterday in a no limit poker game that I did not think I would ever live long enough to see.

Well, here is what the astonishing TDA rule was: The TDA rules allow a player to raise himself.

I don’t know how they came up with that rule. So, email me at [email protected] and I will get my breath back and tell you how the TDA made a rule so a no limit poker player could raise himself.

OK-J Poker Tip of the Week

Harry Truman, a poker player and my all time favorite president of the US, said "The Buck Stops Here" and "If you cannot stand the heat get out of the kitchen."

I say of poker: If you cannot afford to lose when you play poker, don’t play, and if you cannot quit and go home when you are winner, then most of the time you will go home a loser!

Until next time remember to stay lucky.