Mar 5, 2007 5:49 AM

The Luxor will soon have a new Golden Boy, Kriss Angel. Why do I think he is the new Golden Boy? He’s New Wave, innovative, a sex symbol and a master illusionist.

At a Luxor press conference for the viewing of CSI: NY, in which Angel starred, it was pretty obvious: The camera loves him; the girls are crazy for him; and the men think he’s a genius.

Since the Luxor lost the Blue Man Group, Felix Rappaport, the genius president and chief operating officer who loves show business, had something new up his sleeve. This is the man who took a chance on this columnist once as a host at New York-New York. I didn’t fare so well, but he became a lifelong supporter. I thank you, Felix. Stay tuned.

I decided to devote this column to magicians. The Masters of Illusions were Siegfried & Roy. They had one of the greatest spectaculars at the Mirage for 10 years. They are the pillars of the fabric of Las Vegas. That terrible accident was a tragedy and they are missed for their mastery of their craft and showmanship with lions, tigers, lovely showgirls, dancers and staging. When people came to Vegas, they came to see Siegfried & Roy.

On the other side of the spectrum at the Monte Carlo we have Lance Burton. Lance has proven he is here to stay. Almost like a country boy with a spectacular show and a theater built for him, he has proven he is at the top of the heap. His show is family-friendly, and children love him. And when he calls those kids up on stage, it makes everything worthwhile.

At the Orleans, we have the magic of Rick Thomas. First, he was at the Tropicana doing incredible business, then the Stardust, and now the Orleans. He uses birds and great illusions. If you haven’t seen Rick Thomas, make it a point to see him.

Let’s not forget the new guy on the street, Steve Wyrick, at the Steve Wyrick Theater. What can I say about someone who makes airplanes disappear? With a $37 million dollar theater, ultra lounge, and several other acts, Wyrick might surprise us all, though his former home, the Aladdin is making it difficult by booking a new magician in his old showroom.

Then we have Dirk Arthur, Xtreme Magic. He has been with Jubilee and many other big variety shows. Dirk Arthur has helicopters, big cats with his show at the Tropicana. I’m practicing my magic act. I used to be a magician, no a beautician, sorry. But, all my customers disappeared.

To me as a fan, a friend, there is no one who can touch David Copperfield. He has the greatest collection of Houdini memorabilia and he owns an island where you pay $10,000 a week. He has sell out crowds at the MGM and he makes it all look so easy.

In the women’s category, we must not forget Melinda, the First Lady of Magic, who was at Lady Luck in her own theater and then went to the Venetian. She is the sister of David Saxe and her mother is Bonnie Saxe. She retired to have children.

Last but not least, at the Sahara, we have the Amazing Jonathan and he is amazing. He is a rebel, he is outrageous. From the Golden Nugget, to the Flamingo, to the Sahara, he is something else.

At the Rio, we have Penn and Teller. Penn and Teller is again New Age, different kind of comedy with HBO specials and a game show. They know how to work the media. They have their inhouse marketing.

Now, when you read this column, do we have enough magic? These are all about illusions, the master of showmanship, who has the best marketing, the best brokers. In writing this column, I think our new master is Kriss Angel. Why is Kriss Angel the new star of the strip? Because he is young, he has A&E, he has the MTV crowd, plus he has the great Luxor, MGM company behind him. So, here’s to the newest star in Las Vegas. Just watch and be amazed. Welcome to the World of Magic Vegas.

Coming attractions: Make your reservations for Liza Minnelli’s birthday show at the Luxor. Do not miss the "Phantom of the Opera" at the Venetian. The countdown to Celine Dion’s A New Day. Did we all see her at the Oscars sing her new song? She looked pretty good.

Last but not least, I must now give you my fashion fauxpau for this year’s Academy Awards. It was a yawn, although I do like Ellen Degeneres and Billy Crystal still brings the magic of what the academy is all about. It is a celebration of our peers recognizing our work. My winner is Alan Alden. Jennifer Holiday leaves me cold. Eddie Murphy, you will have another change. The outstanding fashion this year was Jennifer Lopez. Too many trains on the dresses. I am going to cut all the trains off my dresses. Too long and tedious. When you look at the Golden Globes and the Grammy’s this year, they were exciting. Finally, but not least, Anna Nicole will rest in peace in the Bahamas. James Brown was finally buried, but I heard they are going to dig him up to take him on tour. Monti Rock loves you. Send all gossip and juicy stories to [email protected]