Latest ‘roids’ case
ends baseball love

Mar 6, 2007 1:43 AM

Last week there was a lot of news out there about how easy it has gotten for anyone to get performance-enhancing drugs, aka steroids.

I guess there are several places on the internet, especially Florida-based Signature Pharmacy that several top athletes were dealing with — not to mention any names. One baseball player I saw named was Gary Matthews Jr., who had been slumming his way through the majors until last year when all of a sudden he enjoyed a superstar season at age 32.

What amazes me is off one good year, the Angels give this guy a five-year, $50 million free agent contract! Are some of these clubs stupid or have they more money than they know what to do with?

To me, it sends a message to other players that if you want to get the big bucks go to the internet and order some "roids." Bulk up, have a good year and hope you don’t get caught.

If you do, perhaps it’s possible to become another (Barry) Bonds and be on the verge of breaking Hammering Hank Aaron’s record 755 home runs. Hank’s record was achieved on the square. It will be a sad day for baseball, a game I no longer love. I can’t log on to my computer and make a few little bets, but I can call up a porn site or order some steroids!

Racing Expo rules!

I had the pleasure of attending the Racing Form Expo this past weekend at Wynn, which was jammed packed. I attended several panel discussions — some very informative and interesting. Andy Beyer was enjoyable, even though his talk was basically a infomercial for DRF Formulator 4.1 that Andy said turned his game around.

I think you have to be a subscriber to the DRF web site and that costs money. Maybe (fat chance!) they will send me a comp?

Also entertaining was a discussion on pace figures, another new handicapping tool the Racing Form will soon feature. It’s an ongoing project of Randy Moss. Another big pace figures guy is Tom Brohamer, who really stepped out and told everyone in attendance how slow the California based 3yo are.

Brohamer stated that figures of Stormello were not close to Nobiz Like Shobiz, who he was running against in the Fountain Of Youth Stakes at Gulfstream Park. Well, Stormello ran second in that race and Nobiz finished third. But that’s horseracing and there are no easy fixes. It takes a lot of work, luck and a ton of self control. Then you most likely will still be a losing player unless getting a big rebate on play.

In Vegas, rebates are banned. However, you may be able to get 3 or 4 percent back and use it for food comps. The Expo was a good time and it’s always nice to see Beyer and Harvey Pack together doing there schtick. They are a good team. It was also very informative hear Steve Fierro and Barry Meadow discuss making lines and searching for hidden value.

Both gentlemen are players and very astute handicappers. John Avello and his top notch crew did another super job and, along with Wynn Resorts, are to be commended.

Talking to several players at the Expo, they seemed to agree prohibition on internet sports and race betting will never stop anyone that wants to bet.

When there was such a prohibition on booze, I don’t think it stopped anyone that wanted to drink the hard stuff from getting it. All it seems to do is send the business underground and that solves nothing.

Palace will miss Elaine

The race book industry lost another top notch supervisor to retirement this past week. Elaine Potter, long time boss of the race book at Palace Station, called it quits. Elaine started her career at the Stardust, a place where so many of us began our careers. She was just a super supervisor, really knew her job and great with the customers. We are happy for Elaine, but most of us hated to see her go. All the best.

Remember, March Madness next week. Can’t wait!