A new Arena in Las Vegas
for indoor football

Mar 6, 2007 6:54 AM

The Arena Football League has been around for 20 years. So why does it seem this is the first year anyone cares?

"ESPN," said Scott Ramsey, who along with compadre Tony Sinisi posts the early Arena lines as oddsmakers for the Las Vegas Sports Consultants.

"The league is not going away, but I don’t see it taking off like NASCAR has," Ramsey said. "I do think the public is taking the Arena football more seriously. But, we always have."

There are parallels between NASCAR and the AFL. For a number of years, handicapper Bob Donahue made a living betting NASCAR, a sport he knew more about than Vegas books posting the numbers.

The same holds true for AFL

games. By the way, did you know that Dallas QB Clint Dolezel threw 105 TD passes?

Last year!

"Las Vegas has one of the more interesting teams in the league with former NFL players Shawn King (Tampa Bay QB) and Peter Warrick (Cincinnati WR) on the team," Ramsey said. "But I don’t think there will be an outcry for Arena betting locally."

The Gladiators were an 11-point road dog for the season opening lossr at Austin.

At least, the Vegas books noticed.