Let’s go clubbing, Vegas style!

Mar 12, 2007 1:38 AM

Openings and announcements are weekly rituals in Las Vegas, just like death and taxes. Nonetheless, theater is alive and so is our nightlife.

At the Stratosphere, Polly Esther’s is about to enter the nightclub battle for customers willing to pay eccentric amounts for booze and ogling boards. It is going to be a unique establishment that opens March 16 in that it is four clubs in one. Icons scheduled to appear at the opening festivities include Danny Bonaduce, Leif Garrett, Tiffany and a John Travolta look-alike. Maybe they will have a Monti Rock as Disco Tex look-alike.

If anyone epitomized the 70s, it was this columnist. "Get Dancing" and "I Wanna Dance With You" sold 7 million records worldwide and must I remind people that "Saturday Night Fever," in which I played myself, is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a special boxed set featuring an interview with me!

And, what about my 84 appearances on Johnny Carson, appearances on Merv Griffin and Mike Douglas. I’m AM the 1970s star! A night a Polly’s with me as the host seems a natural. Doesn’t it?

But I digress.

Over at Caesar’s Palace, the Pussycat Dolls Nightclub inside Pure Nightclub, is searching for the next Pussycat Doll. I hear all the girls came down with the flu. Remember, girls, feed a cold and starve a fever. Or is it the other way?

The Sahara, the landmark, has been sold as I said last week. Sam Nazarian and promoter Ben Boathouse are purchasing the Sahara from the Gordon Gaming Group. They have announced they are going to restore it to its original splendor. It will be nine months before the deal is finalized.

What is the fate of its shows ”¦ The Scintas, Trent Carlini? The Amazing Jonathan is leaving. He has heart trouble. The Sahara was once the center of show business, with its famous lounges, Louis Prima, and stars galore.

Yes, there’s actually theater in Las Vegas. As an actor, as a personality, from television to film and recordings, theater as I know it from New York and Los Angeles — does it lend itself to a gaming society?

We’ll have to see. But remember, everything is a four-wall deal. Case in point — this week the previews for "Spamalot," the Mel Brooks, Mike Nichols spectacular, Tony Award winner. This could be the hit for Wynn Properties.

Down the street, what is the fate of "The Producers" at Paris Las Vegas? Can it last two years? We know "Mama Mia!" is in its fifth year at the Mandalay Bay and The Jerry Springer opera at the MGM, but the greatest production theater-wise is "The Phantom," even if it is down to 95 minutes, it is the jewel of the crown. I have seen it five times and each time, I am quite amazed by it.

Word on the street is that "The Jersey Boys," the story of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons is coming. With such a musical foundation that should sell well here.

Think of the shows that didn’t make it. "Chicago," "We Will Rock You," "Avenue Q," "Hairspray" and the list goes on and on. Quirky just doesn’t seem to cut it.

Or maybe it could be the price of the tickets. Why is Danny Gans such a hit? Celine Dion is winding down on her fourth year, and is ready to build her castle in Florida.

"Menopause" at the Hilton is a proven hit as is Barry Manilow. In the wings we have Criss Angel for the Luxor Cirque show. Cirque, Cirque, so much Cirque. It is all about deep pockets. Again, these are the things we think about. I love the theater. I am the theater. But, as I see empty houses, two-for-one ticket sales, it really is all about star power. Rumor has it that when Celine leaves, Cher and Bette Midler will take over.

What are we looking for? The ultra lounge? How many do we need? T&A shows. The Crazy Horse at the MGM and Fantasy at the Luxor are holding strong.

On the other side of the pendulum, we have the drama and I mean drama of Crazy Girls, Angela Sampras and Karen Raider, the Dueling Divas. But, with all the drama, girls sharpen your nails. I love a good fight between two divas.

This columnist wants to be redundant about the Steve Wyrick Theater. Steve Wyrick and his mega theater, ultra lounge, nightclub, landlord, with show on top of show, it is all up to the brokers.

Gossip this week. Elizabeth Hurley’s big wedding. Elton John gave the bride away. The American Idiot, the American Idol. Rosie O’Donnell talking about Frenchy who was kicked off for having a porno web site. I have a porno web site. Anna Nicole Smith finally laid to rest. Was it murder, DNA or the mother? What a mother! She is the mother of all mothers. Virgie. Did you watch her shoveling that dirt? Mommie Dearest.

Last, but not least, may the best diva win.